Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Indian Armed Forces

Joint ops

New Indian Armed Forces Warfighting Doctrine Emphasizes Joint Operations; Use of Space and Cyberspace

It addresses the lack of military synergy among the three armed services.


BrahMos-II Cruise Missile Capable of Precision Strikes against Chinese Military Positions in Mountains

BrahMos-II will be the world's fastest cruise missile with its speed of Mach 7 (8,600 km/h).

Hello, Pakistan

India’s ‘Cold Start’ Warfighting Doctrine Courts the Risk of a Nuclear War with Pakistan

The Indian government and military are united in publicly stating Cold Start doesn't exist.

Jawan weapon

India to Acquire 2 Million Modern Assault Rifles and Other Small Arms; Kalashnikov in the Hunt

Most of these small arms are expected to be bought from Indian companies to support the Make in India campaign.

Twin barrels

India Gearing for Conflict; is now Fast Tracking Arms Purchases

This fast tracking comes at a time where border clashes with Pakistan along the Line of Control in Kashmir are taking place almost daily.

Shock and awe

China Fearful of New BrahMos NG Stealth Missile

The statement also noted deploying BrahMos NG was "beyond India's 'normal need for self-defense'."

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