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Genworth is a Fortune 500 insurance company that offers long term care insurance, life insurance, annuity retirement solutions and more.

China Oceanwide to Acquire Genworth Financial for $US2.7-B

China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co. will acquire Genworth Financial Inc. for $2.7 billion in cash to extend aid to the U.S. firm in managing as persistent low interest rates and rising costs stumble down its business.

Chinese netizens are making money out of Taylor Swift's new found romance in actor Tom Hiddleston by betting how their relationship is going to end.

Chinese Netizens Place Bets on Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Relationship

Is Taylor Swift's unconfirmed new romance with actor Tom Hiddleston going to last forever or go down in flames? Chinese fans can now place their bets on how they think their idol's new found love is going to end on Taobao.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Life Insurance Up For Sale Again

After nearly four years of a failed attempt to sell the business, owners of Hong Kong Life Insurance (HKLI) are once again considering selling the insurance firm, this time for US$600 million.

China's Fosun said it aims to become world leaders in the fields of healthcare, tourism and insurance.

China's Fosun Ambitiously Aims to Become a World Leader: Report

China's Fosun Group is aiming to become world leader in the fields of tourism, healthcare and insurance, Guo Guangchang, the company's chairman and cofounder, told Reuters in an exlusive interview on Tuesday.

Alibaba Health ventures with major insurance company to tap potential online health operations in China.

Alibaba Taps Online Health Insurance Operations, Invests $154M with Six Other Firms

Alibaba's healthcare subsidiary is setting up a joint venture with a Chinese insurance company, an attempt to tap China's online health insurance operations.

Missing Chinese Billionaire Guo Guangchang In Police Detention

Missing Chinese Billionaire Guo Guangchang In Police Detention

Missing Chinese mogul Guo Guangchang has surfaced and confirmed he is being detained by the police for questioning

FDA's Generic Gleevec Approved

FDA Approves First Generic for Gleevec Anti Cancer Pill

United States Food and Drug Administration have approved the first generic version of Gleevec – one of the first very effective, but high valued cancer drugs, costing about $10,000 monthly.

A man explains ObamaCare at a health insurance enrollment event in Commerce California, March 31, 2014.

Wrong Tax Form Sent to 800,000 Health Insurance Purchasers

The Obama administration recently admitted that about 800,000 residents had received inaccurate tax forms from the health insurance they purchased from


Boston's Mass. General Hospital Seeks China Expansion

Massachusetts General Hospital at Boston said it was in discussions Monday with Chinese businessmen and a well-known Chinese hospital of traditional medicine about building a full-service, modern hospital near Hong Kong.

Application form

Identity Theft In U.S. Health Care Industry Worst Among Others

The health care industry in the United States experienced an alarming number of identity theft in 2013, according to Identity Theft Resource Center. Accounting for 44 percent of total data breaches in the country, the industry is finding ways to update its information security.

Northern California quake

California Homeowners Opt Not To Have Quake Policies Despite The Presence Pf Many Active Fault Lines Along The State

In spite of risks posed by active fault lines, 90 percent of Californians would not buy earthquake insurance because it costs too much.

Affordable Care Act

White House Amends Birth Control Mandate to Appease Religious Companies

Amid mounting political and legal tension, the White House on Friday rolled out a policy to guarantee that female employees will have access to birth control even with religious employers who refuse to include it in the insurance policies.

Britain Plans to have Driverless Cars in 2015

The British government has announced on Wednesday that they are making driverless cars a priority and that self-driving vehicles could be released in early 2015.

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