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International Union for Conservation of Nature

These 23 adorable panda cubs are all under 4 months old.

23 Adorable Panda Cubs Debut Publicly in Chengdu, China

Twenty-three adorable newborn panda cubs have debut publicly in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in China on Thursday.

Amur Leopard Protection Ground in China-Russia

Sino-Russian Nature Reseve to Protect Amur Leopards to be a Reality Soon

A joint operation this year by the researchers from China and Russia has reported a rise in the population of Amur leopard in both the nations.

First Photo of Live Shark Birth Taken in Philippine Waters

Researcher accidentally photographed a shark live birth during an expedition.

Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Sushi Market Pushing Pacific Bluefin Tuna Closer to Extinction

Bluefin tuna is widely targeted by the fishing industry to provide sashimi and sushi products.

Bubalus mindorensis

Philippines' Rare Dwarf Buffalo Resists Extinction

Conservationists announced Friday that the population of the Bubalus mindorensis, one of the world's rarest creatures, in the Philippines has grown to its largest since efforts to save them from being wiped out from the face of the earth began.

Saki monkey

Five New Acrobatic Monkey Species Confirmed In Amazon

Five new species of flying or acrobatic monkeys in the Amazon were recently confirmed by scientists, according to a study. The newbie "saki" monkeys had been previously identified, but were too elusive for scientific research.

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