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Islamic State


ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Killed in Raqqa by White Phosphorous Artillery Barrage

Al-Baghdadi proclaimed himself "caliph" of the Islamic State and the "leader for Muslims everywhere."


US Special Forces; US Navy Join Fight against Islamic State Terrorists in Marawi City, Philippines

"The United States is a proud ally of the Philippines, and we will continue to work with the Philippines."

Target Raqqa

US Navy Carrier USS George H. W. Bush Launches Strikes against Raqqa from Mediterranean Sea

The Bush moved into the Eastern Mediterranean on June 5 and launched its first airstrikes involving Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet the next day.

Raqqa bound

Battle for Raqqa, Islamic State Capital, to Begin Next Week

U.S. Army officials said yesterday that SDF forces have pushed to within three kilometers of Raqqa.


Trump Reveals to Russians Highly Classified Information Provided by Spy inside Islamic State

"I get great intel. I have people brief me on great intel every day," said the president.

Russia, India And China Foreign Ministers Attend 13th Trilateral Meeting In Beijing

China Turns Down Trilateral Defense Talks with Russia, India: Report

China has reportedly refused to make trilateral ties with Russia and India, sparking speculations in New Delhi that the move was made putting Pakistan into consideration.

China Receives Threat from ISIS.

China Receives First Threat From ISIS in a Chilling Video Footage

China has possibly received the first direct threat from the ISIS terrorists in what could mark a watershed moment in country's ongoing war against terrorism. ISIS delivered the threat through a half-hour video that was reportedly made by its Uighur Muslim fighters, who hail from China's insurgency prone region of Xinjiang.

Kurdish soldiers with the Peshmerga keep guard near the frontline with Sunni militants on the outskirts of Kirkuk, an oil-rich Iraqi city on June 25, 2014 in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Foreign ISIS Recruits Likely to be More Educated, Wealthy than Average: World Bank

Recruits of the Islamic State group are more educated and relatively wealthy than their average countryman, according to a study by the World Bank entitled "Economic and Social Inclusion to Prevent Violent Extremism."

Chinese and Syrians

China Ramps-up Military Aid to Assad’s Syria; Risks Deeper Involvement in Horrific Syrian Civil War

China sent military advisers to Syria in September 2015.

China, ISIS

Over 100 Chinese Nationals Have Joined the Islamic State in Syria

Documents, leaked by an Islamic State defector, reveals that over 100 Chinese nationals have joined the jihadist movement in Syria.


Chinese Muslims with ISIS are Next to Useless as Fighters

The report also noted the Uyghur recruits were entirely new to jihad.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Phoenix, Arizona

Donald Trump on Profiling Muslims Already in the U.S.: 'It's Common Sense'

Donald Trump once again delivered a controversial comment after the Orlando mass shooting, saying that profiling Muslims already in the United States is common sense.

Police line

Two French Police Officers Dead After Assailant Stabbed Them, Broadcasted Attack on Facebook

Two French police officers, who were a couple, were stabbed to death by a man, who broadcasted the attack via Facebook Live and was also killed by officials responding to the scene.


Mohamad Khweis: American ISIS Defector Charged with Terrorism

An American national who left the United States to join ISIS before being caught by Kurdish forces was charged with terrorism in a federal court on Thursday.


Seven Children Among 23 Killed After Airstrikes hit Rebel-Held Syrian City of Idlib

Opposition activists have confirmed that at least 23 people including seven children have been killed after air strikes hit the Syrian city of Idlib.

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