Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Escort duty

Japanese Helicopter Carrier JS Izumo Authorized to use Force to Protect US Navy Supply Ship

Izumo has been ordered to safeguard the U.S. Navy supply ship until they both reach the Pacific side off Shikoku.

Now off North Korea

Japanese Warships Joining USS Carl Vinson Strike Group in Patrols off North Korea

The Carl Vinson CSG last month took part in joint drills with the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.


Japan’s JS Kaga Helicopter Carrier Enters JMSDF Service; Job is to Destroy Chinese Submarines

The addition of the Kaga brings to four the number of helicopter destroyers in service with the JMSDF.

Escort duty

Duterte Nixes Invitation to Visit JS Izumo, Japan’s Helicopter Carrier

On the other hand, China threatened a firm response if Japan causes trouble in the South China Sea.

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