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 Bigger one coming

New ‘Energy Magazines’ will Allow Combat Lasers aboard US Navy Warships to Destroy Targets Non-Stop

The energy magazine allows for sustained combat against a swarm of targets in an engagement lasting up to 20 minutes.

Plasmonic nanolaser

Finnish Researchers Use Nanoparticles to Develop Minuscule Nanolaser

The laser works at length scales 1,000 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

Lethal Eagles

US Air Force to Test Lasers on Jet Fighters by 2021

The laser's power is generated by electrical power in the jet's engines.

In your face killer

Royal Navy Moves towards Deploying Laser Cannons on its Warships

The British then plan to dismiss the CIWS and deploy a laser cannon aboard their warships.

Death by laser

US Air Force to Field 100 Kilowatt Airborne Combat Lasers by 2023

The lasers will give U.S. fighters virtually unlimited ammunition with which to destroy enemy aircraft.

For the first time ever, lasers are used to cool down liquids.

For the First Time Ever, Lasers Can Refrigerate Water

A new breakthrough by a team of scientists used laser technology to refrigerate water rather than heating it up.

random Raman laser

Scientists Develop Random Raman Laser to Reveal Microscopic Life

Microscopic imaging techniques use lasers as light sources because of their ability to deliver pulses of intense radiation to a target that allows ultra-fast image acquisition.

nanoscale laser

Researchers Have Developed First Liquid Nanoscale Laser

The good thing about the nanoscale laser is that it can be reorganized in real time and it only means that varieties of colors can be produces easily by using the laser.

Laser Inventor Charles Townes Dies at 99

The invention of laser improved applications in medicine and astronomy.

Rice-Sized Laser

Researchers Develop Laser the Size of a Grain of Rice

The maser's a great step forward for quantum computing.


U.S. Navy Says New Laser Weapon now Ready for Action

The laser system was able to lock on and destroy designated targets with "near-instantaneous lethality."

Diamond-shaped lasing material

Reducing Power Emitted by Lasers may Increase its Output

This discovery could potentially create more energy-efficient and sensitive lasers.


Pepper Spray and Laser Equipped Drones Receive First Orders

In lieu of bettering riots management, an undisclosed mining company has ordered 25 Desert Wolf Skunk drones.


The First Moments Of The Universe Recreated by Turning Light Into Matter

Scientists of the Imperial College of London have discovered a way to prove an 80 year-old theory that light can be materialized, thus recreating part of the first moments of the universe.

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