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USS Stennis Conducts Operations in Philippine Sea

China's Third, Fourth Aircraft Carriers in the Pipeline: What to Expect

China will not stop from constructing aircraft carriers even though it recently launched its second carrier, experts suggested, saying the new Type 001A is just the beginning of Beijing as a maritime power.

Aircraft Carrier

China's First Homegrown Aircraft Carrier Moves to Dry Dock; Launch Date is Imminent

China's first homegrown aircraft carrier has been floated to a dry dock, signaling that its official launch is fast approaching.


China's Third Aircraft Carrier Could be Nuclear-Powered, Experts Say

With China's second aircraft carrier coming on the pipeline, experts are predicting what possible cutting-edge breakthroughs are there to await for China's third aircraft carrier.

Mindless obedience

China Stations 150,000 of its Soldiers along Border with North Korea; Prelude to War?

There have also been reports in Chinese state-run media that China and South Korea agreed to take new measures against North Korea.

China target

China Lays Down Red Line for Military Strikes against North Korea’s Nuclear Plants

China will attack North Korea's facilities producing nuclear bombs.

Chinese warships conduct military exercises in east Indian Ocean.

Chinese Warship Flotilla Conduct Military Drill in Indian Ocean

A flotilla of Chinese warships carried out a drill in the Indian Ocean, a few days after the country finished its training exercise in the disputed South China Sea, state-run Xinhua News reported.

China Refits Aircraft Carrier

China's Second Aircraft Carrier 'Shangdong' is Taking Shape

China is making progress with the production of its second aircraft carrier, UPI reported, showing photos of the vessel's ongoing construction in the port city of Dalian.


China Confirms Aircraft Carrier Conducted First Drill in South China Sea

China confirmed that its aircraft carrier has for the first time conducted drills in the South China Sea with a formation of other warships and fighter jets.

Taiwan Calls on Military to Prepare for War With China

Taiwan Calls on Military to Prepare for War Against China

Taiwan rallied its armed forces to be prepared for combat as a measure against the increasing military threats by China, a day after Beijing's first aircraft carrier sailed near the former's controlled islands across the East China Sea.

War ready?

Communist Party of China Declares Aircraft Carrier ‘Liaoning’ Ready for War

The 60,000 ton Liaoning remains beset by a host of problems.

The new aircraft carrier is likely to boost China's naval prowess.

China Nearing Completion of First Domestically-Built Aircraft Carrier

Chinese Ministry of National Defense reported that the hull of its first domestically built aircraft carrier has been assembled.


Russia’s Decrepit Navy Led by the Admiral Kuznetsov Deployed to the Mediterranean Sea

She caught fire during a previous deployment to the Mediterranean in 2009.

Almost there

China’s Shandong Aircraft Carrier will be Most Powerful PLAN Warship; will Probably have Lasers

Shandong will probably carry 48 aircraft, a number larger than that of the Liaoning, China's only aircraft carrier.

Number 2

China’s Third Aircraft Carrier will be More Lethal

Shenyang J-15 fighter jets designed specifically for naval aviation carry far lighter weapons loads compared to U.S. combat aircraft.

Aids Patients Treated In A Beijing Hospital

Chinese Woman Awakens from Coma, Accuses 'Hero' Boyfriend of Bashing Her

A Chinese woman awakened from her coma and made a shocking revelation – that the man who vowed to take care of her is actually the one who caused her dilemma in the first place.

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