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Line of Actual Control


China Hastens Military Build-up along Indian Border; Deploys ‘Xinqingtan’ Light Tank

The 105 mm gun and these smaller caliber weapons have been adjusted so they can fire at a high angle, making them ready for mountain operations.

China, Pakistan in the crosshairs

Indian Air Force can ‘Win’ a Two-front War against China and Pakistan

Military victory in the traditional sense is out of the question in this calculus.


China’s Claim it can Capture New Delhi in Just Two Days is Rubbish, say Indian Military Experts

"This claim is beyond ridiculous."

War in the sky

China, India Meet to Dial-down Border Tensions; Pledge to Build Trust

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) is willing to join hands with the Indian Army to maintain exchanges on border defense.


‘War of the Words’ Erupts Again as India Claims Killing 7 Pakistani Soldiers, which Pakistan Denies

All this confusing “he said, he said” sprang from an attack on Sept. 18 by Muslim Kashmiri militants on an Indian Army base at Uri that killed 19 jawans.


China Says Ties with Pakistan Remain Strong despite Military Drill with India

The Oct. 19 exercise was the second under Sino India Cooperation 2016.

Goodbye, Pakistan

India’s Doubling BrahMos’ Range to 600 km will Place all of Pakistan at its Mercy

The far longer range will also enable this as yet unnamed model to attack more People's Liberation Army bases.

Close call

Indian Army Denies 45 km Incursion into India by Chinese Troops

"There is no truth about media report of incursion as deep as 45 km and setting up of Chinese Army camps," he said.

Chinese troops patrol the LAC around Ladakh.

China And India Square Off Yet Again At Line Of Actual Control

Indian officials accused China of sending as many as 1,000 soldiers across the 4,000-square kilometer Line of Actual Control (LAC) dividing the two nations at eastern Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian and Chinese troops at the Line of Actual Control, LAC

India Beefs up Defenses along Controversial 4,000-kilometer Line of Actual Control Border with China

To oppose Chinese forces along the northeaster Sino-Indian border, India has begun organizing an USD$10 billion upgrade to its mountain strike corps, according to New Delhi sources. Indian officials are concerned about new fighter jets and special forces along with six airfields China has brought to the border region.

Chinese Troops Encroach On Indian Territory

Indian Troops Stop Chinese Incursion Near Border

An unidentified source on Tuesday revealed that Chinese forces crossed into the Indian territory of Ladakh in recent days, but Indian authorities denied the incident, saying they stopped the incursion from occurring.

China, India Downplays Chinese Intrusion Into Indian Territory

China and India admitted on Monday that Chinese herdsmen had trespassed into Indian territory but sought to allay border dispute concerns, saying that the issue had been amicably resolved in a flag meeting.

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