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Long March 7

Long March 7

China Plans Record 30 Space Launch Missions in 2017; US had 60 in 2016

If achieved, this year will be the busiest in the history of China's space program since its start in 1960.

Long March 7

Tourists Flock Launch Center As China Opens Up its Space Program

China, known for its highly secret space program recently opening its space project to tens and thousands of tourists in a surprising reversal of policy.

China Prepares To Launch Its First Space Laboratory Module Tiangong-1

China's Long March-7 Rocket Nears Completion, to Transport First Space Cargo

China is expecting its second Long March-7 to be completed as early as January next year, Wang Xiaojun, chief commander of China's Long March-7 program, revealed on Sunday as reported by CRI English.

I'm burning up

Booster of Chinese Rocket that Orbited ASATs Built to Destroy US Satellites Burns-up over West Coast of USA

Speculation is China intentionally had the booster burn-up over continental USA to strike fear into Americans.

In space,no one can hear you go

China Orbits Anti-Satellite Weapon Disguised as Trash Collection Satellite

Aolong-1 isn't what it seems since it also has the potential to be used as an ASAT.

China Launch Vehicle Technology

China Continues Breakthrough Development in Launch Vehicle Technology

New reports claim that China has recently completed the development phase of a super rocket which could be used for the country’s future space exploration. The new rocket system can be used as a main launcher for China’s future space missions especially its planned manned lunar exploration in 2031.


China and Russia to Jointly Build Heavy Rockets for Deep Space Exploration

Denisov noted the Chinese space industry was largely created with Russian technical assistance.


First Launch of China’s New Long March-7 Rocket is a Success

LM-7, also known as Chang Zheng-7, will be used mainly for orbiting China's new Tianzhou cargo vehicle.

Long March 6

China Successfully Launches Next Generation Zero Pollution Carrier Rocket

China's next generation of environmentally friendly rockets enjoyed a successful debut on Sunday as the Long March 6 (CZ-6) took off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The carrier rocket took along 20 small satellites.

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