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Lung Cancer

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China

Beijing Researchers Study Relationship of Smog, Lung Cancer

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (BMCHFP) has conducted a study to determine the potential relationship of smog and lung cancer, according to the Beijing News on Sunday.

Golgi Apparatus plays a major  role in the latest study that reveals how lung cancer metastasizes.

New Study Reveals How Lung Cancer Metastasizes

An emerging study that reveals new insights on how lung cancer metastasizes was published in an online issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, which is conducted by the researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, on Nov. 21.

Chinese researchers to conduct first ever clinical trial of modifying cells through the CRISPR gene editing technology.

Chinese Scientists Using Gene Editing to Find Cure for Lung Cancer

A group of Chinese scientists will perform the world's first genetic editing trial on humans this month in an attempt to treat lung cancer.

China Daily Life - Economy

WHO Urges China to Embrace Healthier Lifestyle on World Cancer Day

The World Health Organization has advised the Chinese populace to embrace a healthier lifestyle due to the high rates of deaths caused by cancer in China.

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China

1 Person Will Die of Lung Cancer Every Minute in China by 2025

Given the current state of pollution in China, there is a projected increase in the prevalence of lung cancer over the next five years. China is projected to have around one million lung cancer patients in 2025, with one person dying from the disease each minute.

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Roche Gets Accelerated US Approval for Lung Cancer Drug

U.S. health regulators have granted accelerated approval to Roche Holding's drug for advanced lung cancer in patients with a specific genetic mutation.

More Than 700,000 Chinese To Die From Lung Cancer Yearly By 2020

More than 700,000 Chinese to Die From Lung Cancer Yearly by 2020: Experts

Chinese health authorities have raised alarm over the rising number of lung cancer patients diagnosed annually in China with more than 800.000 people expected to be hit by the disease yearly by 2020.

China Cigarette Smoking

One-Third of China's Young Male Smokers May Die From Smoking Related Disease

A health study published on Friday claims that one out of three Chinese male smokers in their 20s will likely die early from smoking related illnesses. Nonetheless, the researchers say that this gruesome statistic can be reversed if smokers can kick the deadly habit.

China Lungs X-Ray

Study Reveals Why Some People Still Have Healthy Lungs Despite Being Heavy Smokers

Scientists have recently found out that some people still have healthy lungs despite years of smoking because of certain mutations in their lung DNA.

China Battles To Contain New SARS Outbreak

National Health and Family Planning Commission Says Chronic Disease Rises in China

There is currently a spike in the rate of patients getting chronic disease, according to a nationwide health survey.

Cancer Patiennt

WHO: Cancer Cases In China Now At 'Critical' Level

There has been a persistent increase in the number of cancer cases in China which could possibly lead to a dangerous "cancer surge" in the country, according to health officials.

A tumor in the left lung

Researchers Find Lung Cancer can Hide for More Than 20 Years

Scientists from Cancer Research UK have discovered that lung cancers are able to lie dormant for over 20 years before suddenly turning into an aggressive form.

US Doctors Speed Test Lung Cancer Drugs in Lung-MAP Study

In a first-of-its kind nationwide experiment called Lung-MAP, US doctors will speed-test lung cancer drugs in collaboration with government, drug companies, private cancer foundations and cancer advocacy groups to allow new drugs to reach the market and offer help to terminally ill patients.

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