Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Machine Learning

China Cyber Spies

US to Halt Chinese Investments in Strategic US Tech Firms

The government wants to give CFIUS more power to stop "China's predatory practices."

More and more robots

China, India to Lose Hundreds of Millions of Jobs to Robots Starting 2025

The report said robots and computers perform a range of routine physical work activities better and more cheaply than humans.

Huawei and University of California want to create AI systems that will have practical application.

Huawei Invests $1 Million for AI Research Partnership with UC Berkeley

Huawei is partnering with the University of California, Berkeley to foster a research and development initiative on artificial intelligence (AI).

baidu AI

Baidu Voice System Recognizes Languages Better Than Humans Can

Chinese Internet-search giant Baidu (BIDU) has created a voice system that uses deep learning to be able to recognize English and Mandarin better than a person can.

Google machine learning system

Google Open-Sources Machine Learning System TensorFlow

Google says it will deploy a machine learning system in the open source platform, allowing developers to freely use the source code to further develop and upgrade the system.

Fujitsu and Microsoft to Offer IoT Solutions for Manufacturing Processes

Fujitsu and Microsoft are collaborating to provide solutions for the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

Machine Learning Astronomy

Astronomers Use 'Machine Learning' to Better Understand Stars

Astronomers will use this technique to collect information on billions of stars.

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