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‘Shrek’ Revival in The Works With 'Kung Fu Panda,' 'How to Train Your Dragon' Remakes

"Shrek" revival is currently on the works after six years following last movie installment. DreamWorks purchased the said movie to proceed with a remake, while NBC Universal, a company affiliated with Comcast, is working with the film production label.

Madagascar Riots Shock China

China Shocked By Fatal Riot In Madagascar

The Chinese Embassy in Madagascar expressed shock Sunday at a deadly riot involving local workers at a Chinese-run sugar plant and criticized the island nation's government for failing to protect Chinese interests.


Bubonic Plague Kills 40 in Madagascar

An outbreak of bubonic plague on the African island nation of Madagascar has killed 40 people since the initial outbreak began in August.

Ancient mammal

Skull of Extinct Animal Reveals More About Prehistoric Mammals

Researchers found out it belongs to a distinct new genus and it's called Vintana sertichi.

Vintana sertichi

Weird, Ancient Groundhog Gives Clues About Mammals During Dinosaur Age

Researchers have found an ancient skull from what seems to be an ancient groundhog from the dinosaur era.

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