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marine animals

Vampire squid

Vampire Squids May Be Immortal, Study Reveals

Researchers report that the deep-sea squids have a reproductive strategy unlike any ever seen before in an octopus or squid.

Gopher tortoise

Not All Turtles Can Swim, FWC Reports

Gopher tortoises can be distinguished from sea turtles by their limbs.

Marine Ecosystem

Marine Ecosystems will Recover from Climate Change after Millennia

The study reveals invertebrate fossils are nearly non-existent during times of lower-than-average oxygen levels.

Ocean acidification Pacific Oyster

Ocean Acidification Threatens Shellfish, Report Says

The effects on marine biology are most notable among mollusk populations, especially oysters and clams.


Oldest Walrus Fossils Shed Light on Fur Seal Evolutionary Gap

The researchers named the new species Eotaria crypta, which means "dawn of the sea lion."

Zebra shark

Americans Succeed in Breeding Rare Zebra Sharks

The shark pups are now 10 months old and nearly 3 feet long.

Fish under  Antarctica

Fishes Survive in Deadly Cold Antarctic Environment

Experts believe that in the absence of sunlight, life could be powered by chemical energy.

Frilled Shark

Rare Frilled Shark Seen off Australia

The frilled shark is known as an archaic shark.

Cone Snails

Cone Snails Use 'Weaponized Insulin' to Hunt Fish

It can disable entire schools of fish at a time.

Swiss Students Build Cuttlefish Robot to Study Marine Animals

The robot can reach places inaccessible to more traditional robots.

School of fish

Fish Possess a 'Sixth Sense'

The canal system is described as a TV or radio antenna designed to find electromagnetic signals.

Pygmy Sperm Whale

Rare Pygmy Sperm Whale Dies in Northern California

Pygmy sperm whales spend most of their time in the open ocean.

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