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marine creatures

Vampire squid

Vampire Squids May Be Immortal, Study Reveals

Researchers report that the deep-sea squids have a reproductive strategy unlike any ever seen before in an octopus or squid.

True colors

Ultraviolet Lights Uncover the True Colors and Patterns of Ancient Seashells

The seashells, which were between 6.6 and 4.8 million years old, look white in regular light. .

Ocean acidification Pacific Oyster

Ocean Acidification Threatens Shellfish, Report Says

The effects on marine biology are most notable among mollusk populations, especially oysters and clams.


How do Millions of Jellyfish Travel in the Same Direction?

The little gelatinous creatures are quite efficient in traversing the waves.

Disco Clam

Mystery behind Weird 'Disco Clam' Revealed

When disco clams are scared, they give a spectacular underwater light show.

Record breaker

World's Deepest Fish Discovered in the Mariana Trench [Video]

The species was found at a depth of 8,145 meters.

new sea snail

Newly Discovered Deep Sea Snail Named after Joe Strummer of The Clash

A. strummeri is now an official part of a group of creatures named after musical icons.

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