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Mars mission

China has tested an experimental, supersonic, low-density parachute for its ambitious Mars mission in summer 2020.

China Tests Supersonic Parachute for 2020 Mars Mission [VIDEO]

China has tested an experimental, supersonic, low-density parachute, flying it into the upper layer of the Earth's atmosphere in preparation for its ambitious Mars mission in summer 2020, gbtimes reported.

FAST has a 500-meter diameter dish and its total surface area is approximately equal to 30 soccer fields.

China's FAST Telescope Starts Operations

China's world's largest radio telescope Tianyan or Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) has started its operation, up and running.

China released details of designed probe concept for the Mars Mission in 2020.

China Releases Designed Probe Concept for Mars 2020 Mission

China's space agency has released the first detailed look at three technological components for its unmanned Mars mission, which is aimed to take off in 2020.

NASA awarded humanoid R5 robots to two universities to develop them for future Mars missions.

NASA Selects Two Universities to Develop Robots for Mars Mission

NASA awarded two humanoid R5 robots to MIT and Northeastern University to develop and build robots for the next Mars mission.


NASA Plans to Build Oxygen Producing Systems on Mars

The organisms would use Mars' ample supply of regolith as fuel, and may even serve a dual purpose in removing nitrogen from the Martian soil.

SpaceX rocket

SpaceX Attempts to Again Land Rocket on Floating Landing Ship

A reusable booster can enable SpaceX to slash costs during expensive launch missions.


NASA Testing Helicopter Drone For Mars Exploration

NASA is working on a helicopter-style drone for the next Mars mission in 2020, to cover more ground and get more raw data on the Red Planet.

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