Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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Mind Control

Mind Control

China Tech: A New Discovery Allows The Human Mind To Control Cockroaches

In an attempt to rediscover what else the human brain can control, a student in China who came from Shanghai Jiaotong University implanted microelectrodes in a cockroach’s antennae in the hopes of kindling a reaction from the insect that is being controlled by the mind.

Cockroach mind control experiment

Chinese Student Successfully Conducts Cockroach Mind Control Experiment

A Chinese experiment that tests the ability of a person to control a cockroach's mind through Bluetooth proved to be a success.

Mind controlling fungus

Fungi Zombify Specific Ant Species

A research team theorizes that every parasitic fungi has a specific ant species it chooses to infect.

A Peek Into Modern Day Telepathy; Google Glass Apps

The app allowed individuals to capture and post photos to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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