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Ready for war

China Building Airbases in Spratlys Big Enough for over 100 Fighter Jets

"In 2016, China focused its main effort on infrastructure construction at its outposts on the Spratly Islands," the report said.


New US Navy FONOP in the Spratlys Indicates Intent to Use Force against China

"The ship's actions demonstrated that Mischief Reef is not entitled to its own territorial sea regardless of whether an artificial island has been built on top of it."

Duterte not Keen on Protesting China's Militarization of the South China Sea

Duterte not Keen on Protesting Against China's Militarization of the South China Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday said that Manila would not protest against China's militarization of the disputed South China Sea despite the latter's reported installation of weapons systems on the artificial islands it has built in the disputed strategic waterway.

Ready for war

China is Militarizing the Spratlys and Building Hardened Military Hangars

"China does not intend to pursue militarization" in the Spratlys.

China Builds Reinforced Hangars to House Fighter Jets on Spratlys-- Research Agency

Images Show China Building 'Reinforced Hangars' for Fighter Jets in Spratlys -- Research Agency

An international think tank said on Monday that contrary to Chinese President Xi Jinping's statement that Beijing would not militarize the disputed Spratlys Islands in the South China Sea, recent satellite images show that China has built "reinforced hangars" on several islets capable of housing fighter jets of the People's Liberation Army air force.

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China Makes Case Against Philippines in Canadian Newspaper Ad

With a ruling on the South China Sea dispute between the Philippines and China expected in the next few weeks, China pleaded its case against the Philippines by placing an advertisement in a Canadian newspaper.

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Philippines Accuses China of Trying to 'Physically Expel' Filipinos from South China Sea

The Philippine legal representatives at the Hague International Arbitration Court this week accused China of bullying and trying to physically expel its citizens from the disputed parts of the South China Sea. Beijing has refused to participate in the court proceedings and insists on bilateral negotiations instead to settle the dispute between the two countries.

South China Sea

Satellite Image of China's Completed Airstrip in Disputed South China Sea Reef Surfaces as President Xi Vows No Militarization of Islands

Defense analysis company IHS Jane has released a satellite image of China's completed airstrip on the contested Fiery Cross Reef. This is the country's first airstrip in the Spratly Islands and experts say it could significantly boost China's surveillance capacity and expansion in the South China Sea.

Spratly Island

China: South China Sea Reclamation To Benefit Neighbors During Typhoons, Emergencies

In a rare scenario, China has detailed its plans as it builds artificial islands in seven reefs in the disputed South China Sea.

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