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missing children

Child Molester Admits to 1975 Abduction of 2 Maryland Girls in Newly Revealed Affidavits

Newly unsealed affidavits could help solve the disappearance of two Maryland girls 40 years ago. Until now, sisters Katherine and Sheila Lyon remain missing. Although bones have been discovered in Virginia, investigators have not yet determined if they are of the siblings who were 10 and 12 when they were apparently abducted in 1975.

Stanley Patz

Etan Patz 35-Year-Old Murder Trial Hinges on Videotaped Confession by Suspect

The murder and kidnapping trial on 6-year-old Etan Patz, who was killed 35 years ago, will begin on Friday. The case relies heavily on a videotaped confession that the suspect made years ago.

Facebook Will Push Amber Alerts for Missing Children

Facebook will offer Amber Alerts to U.S. users within a close range to the missing child.


Lost On The Train, Daughter Is Reunited With Family 37 Years Later

A Chinese woman thought long-vanished was finally reunited with her family after three decades.

FBI Rescues 168 Children, 281 Pimps, in Annual Prostitution Sweep

FBI Rescues 168 Children, 281 Pimps, in Annual Prostitution Sweep

The FBI announced on Monday the rescue of 168 children from prostitution and the arrest of 281 pimps in its annual prostitution sweep, Operation Cross Country VIII, underscoring the U.S.' commitment to fight against child trafficking, according to a press release by the FBI.

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