Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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The Apple Logo

Apple Acquires GPS Startup Company Coherent Navigation

Apple recently confirmed its acquisition of GPS technology and service provider Coherent Navigation.


Nokia Planning to Sell Here Maps; Uber and German Carmakers Bidding

Nokia is looking to sell its mapping service for an extra splash of cash.

Twitter, Foursquare Partner for Accurate Location Search

Foursquare's large collection of business locations and events allows Twitter to show off tons of events.


Bats Have 3D Brain Compass, New Study Reports

Researchers discovered bats have special brain cells that seem to specialize in 3D directions.


Baidu DuBike Unveiled, Features Smart Health, Navigation

Baidu has revealed more features and the design for the DuBike, the search engine's smart bike with health and navigation features.

Robin Bird

"Electrosmog" Make Birds Get Lost in the City, Study Shows

A new study shows that birds exposed to AM waveband interference coming from urban areas lose their way.

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