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Tools To Measure Consciousness: Answer To The Mystery Of Mind

Tools To Measure Consciousness: Answer To The Mystery Of Mind

A new video from 'The Economist' featuring all adept philosophers reveals the answer to “What is consciousness?”

Neuroscientists Developing Video Game to Help Visually Impaired Children

The Eyelander video game aims to improve vision in children which will help them live independently.

Sleep Drunkenness Is Related To Disorders And Mental Illnesses --Study

A recent research shows that confusional arousal, more known as sleep drunkenness, links to various sleep disorders, use of antidepressants and mental health conditions such as panic and bipolar disorders.

Lab rat

Device Lets Paralyzed Rats Walk Once More

Brain signals can be substituted by electrical signals sent directly through the spinal cord

Harvard Medical School in Boston

Telepathy Moves Closer to Science Fact and Away from Science Fiction

The experiment could open to science and the real world the concept of telepathy, which only exists in the realm of science fiction.

Yoga Class

Yoga Alleviates Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Because of yoga, the quality of life of the study's participants improved, as did their mental health, vision, walking and concentration.

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