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north pole

Jupiter from June

First Images Ever of Jupiter’s North and South Poles Lead to Unique Discoveries

All eight of Juno's science instruments were energized and collected data.

North Pole

Russia, Denmark, Other Arctic Nations Prevent Fishing Around North Pole

According to Science Blog, a declaration was signed on July 16 to prevent the unregulated commercial fishing in high seas portion of central Arctic Ocean, the five countries involved in the said signing were Canada, the Kingdom of Denmark in respect of Greenland, the Kingdom of Norway, the Russian federation and the United States of America.


Two Missing Dutch Arctic Explorers Likely Drown in Arctic

However, the researchers’ equipment and a sled dog named Kinmik were spotted in the vicinity of the beacon, near a hole in the ice.

Northern ice

Denmark Declares Absolute Claim to Own North Pole

Denmark it's the rightful sole owner of the North Pole based on geological evidence in Greenland.


Study: Climate Change and Temperature Rise Drives Fishes to Cooler Water Poles

A newly published study revealed that the rising temperature in the world's oceans is driving fishes to seek cooler habitats.

Arctic Sea Ice

Canada Sends Two Icebreaker Ships, Seeks Ownership Over North Pole Oil

Canada sends two icebreaker ships to map the seabed of the Arctic in a bid to prove that the country's continental shelf extends beneath the North Pole so they can claim oil and natural gas reserves in the region.

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