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Nuclear program

UN Sanctions Slash North Korea's Coal Exports to China by $700 Million

UN Sanction to Slash North Korea's Coal Exports to China by $700 Million

High-ranking US diplomats on Monday said new and tougher sanctions against North Korea are being prepared in a resolution that would be put to a vote by the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday.

China, South Korea Intensify UN Sanctions Against North Korea

China, South Korea Intensify UN Sanctions Against North Korea

China and South Korea have intensified their efforts to enforce the sanctions against North Korea with the mainland recently barring a North Korean freighter from one of its ports and Seoul stepping up its crackdown on individuals and business entities believed to have contributed to Pyongyang's development of its nuclear programme.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran Pushes for Progress in Negotiations for Nuclear Program

Mohammad Javad Zarif, foreign minister of Iran, said last Sunday that Tehran did not want another extension of the talks limiting their nuclear programs, stressing that the expected economic sanctions should be lifted if an official agreement was reached.

Satellite photos showing the before and after of the massive explosion in Parchin, Iran.

Iran Explosion Corroborates Existence Of Nuclear Weapons Program

Satellite images taken after Sunday's explosion at Iran's secretive Parchin facility show significant damage at the site and gives credence to speculation that Tehran's nuclear weapons development program is alive.

Iran Nuclear Power Plant

West Calls For Iran’s Increased Cooperation With IAEA To Ease Nuclear Sanctions

Iran should cooperate more with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) if it wants the nuclear watchdog to lessen the nuclear sanctions imposed on it, the West instructed Tehran.

Yukiya Amano

Iran, Nuclear Watchdog Renew Commitment in Nuclear Probe

The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog visited Iran on Sunday in a bid to jump-start its investigation into Tehran's nuclear activities.

Iran Offers Modest Reduction Of Nuclear Activities

Iran has started to show some flexibility in its negotiation with the world powers over its nuclear program, proposing to slightly reduce its fuel production as the deadline nears.

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