Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Alipay is now accepted to Helsinki Airport's M-Box, Iittala, Lindroos, Finspiration, and Moomin shops.

Alipay Expands to Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport has announced that they will accept Alipay mobile payments for easier shopping activities of Chinese tourists.

Circle uses the digital currency bitcoin to manage worldwide money transfers.

Payment App Circle to Expand Payment Service in China with $60 Million Funding

Circle Internet Financial Ltd. has announced that it has already raised raised $60 million in new funding from China-based investors. The company also unveiled a dedicated domestic subsidiary, Circle China.

PayPal Building

PayPal Ordered To Pay $25 Million In Fines And Refunds For Tricking Its User

PayPal has been ordered to pay $25 million in fines and refunds for tricking its users with regards to PayPal Credit


PayPal Engulfing Bitcoin: A Better Way to Process Online Payments

PayPal now accepts Bitcoin payments as part of their integral project, which was recently announced on Tuesday, September 23. Valued customers can now start using Bitcoin for their online payments along other cryptocurrency processors, which include Coinbase, BitPay, and GoCoin.

Sorry PayPal, Apple's New Payment System Might be Bad for Business

ApplePay will allow users to use their iPhones to shop and pay online

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