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People's Liberation Army Air Force

Chinese fighter jets and a refuel plane perform during the closing ceremony of a Sino-Russian military exercise on August 25, 2005 in eastern China's Shandong Province.

China Air Force Conducts Exercises in Western Pacific

China Air Force on Sunday has conducted another series of drills and patrols in the Western Pacific region after passing through a strait between Japanese islands.

Chinese Air Force

China's Air Force to Start Flying Into the Pacific

In a show of military might, the Chinese Air Force would soon start flying regularly into the Western Pacific beyond Japan and Taiwan, according to People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) spokesman Shen Jinke.


PLAAF Patrol Overflies Bashi Channel; Again Pierces ‘First island Chain’

China views the First Island Chain as the area it must secure so it can disable the U.S. Navy.

Bad engines

Russian Experts Claim China’s PLAAF can Catch-up with Russia and the US

The most sophisticated engines powering fourth generation fighters of the PLAAF and its most modern transport aircraft are made in Russia.

Big, big

China to Build World’s Largest Aircraft, Ukraine’s An-225, for Military Use

The Chinese An-225 will enter service with the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

Chubby Girl

Asia’s Largest Transport Plane Nicknamed ‘Chubby Girl’ Reaches the PLAAF

The Y-20 can transport China's largest tank, the Type 99 weighing 54 tonnes.

Wenxia Man

US Convicts Chinese Spy for Attempted Theft of American Stealth Fighter Jet Engines

Prosecutors said Wenxia worked with a partner, whom she described as a Chinese government "technology spy."

us warplane

Beijing Admits Chinese Jet Fighter Technology Inferior to Western Warplanes, Says Report

Chinese jet fighters are likely to be at a disadvantage in the event of an aerial confrontation with Western combat aircraft -- or even fighters from US ally Japan -- over the East and South China Seas, foreign and Chinese aviation experts have said.

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