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People's Liberation Army Air Force

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China says Japan and South Korea can Expect Larger Military Air Patrols Close to their Airspace

PLAAF confirmed a formation of six of its H-6s flew in international airspace perilously close to the air defense zones of both Japan and South Korea.

Turkey shooters

F-35 Pilots will Quickly Wipe-out the PLA Naval Air Force in a South China Sea War

Confidence in the ability of the F-35 to dominate the Chinese remains high among the U.S. fighter pilots.

Now in China

China will Buy no More Russian-made Jets and Other Russian Combat Aircraft

The PLAAF said its Su-35Ss have thrust vectoring engines that can point in different directions for increased maneuverability.


4th Gen ++ Fighters to Account for Most Chinese and Russian Fighters in the Future

Kashin noted the J-11D is the best Chinese aircraft built on the Su-27 platform.


Japan, US Tried to Steal PLAAF Secrets in Miyako Strait Aerial Intercept, Alleges China

Japan's F-15s might have been intentionally provoking the Chinese jets to entice the latter into turning on their fire-control radars.

In service

China’s First J-20 ‘Stealth’ Fighters to Enter Service with PLAAF this Month

The commissioning of the J-20s comes slightly over a month after they made their first public flight at the Zhuhai Air Show on Nov. 1.

Cutting it close

China, Japan Agree on Air Contact System to Prevent Air Battles

It denounced that F-15's conduct as "dangerous and unprofessional and destroyed the freedom of navigation and over-flight endowed by international laws."


New Advanced Indian Airborne Warning Aircraft to Keep an Eye on China and Pakistan Warplanes

India plans to buy and modify at least 30 of the DRDO AEW&C planes.


More Information Leaking Out about China’s First Stealth Bomber, the Xian H-20

Some of the most interesting comments about the next-generation H-20 were revealed by Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo.

A tragedy

Confusion Surrounds Death of China’s First Female Pilot to Fly the J-10 Jet Fighter

She was a flight squadron leader of the August 1st Aerobatics Team of the People's Liberation Air Force (PLAAF).


New Training Regime for Chinese Jet Fighter Pilots Aims to get Them to Think

Think of an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) when you picture today's PLAAF fighter pilots.


PLAAF Announces Regular Combat Aerial Patrols over ‘First Island Chain’

PLAAF revealed it has sent patrols over the First Island Chain and conducted military exercises in the West Pacific six times.

China will debut its J-20 stealth fighter jet at the Zhuhai airshow.

China to Unveil J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet at Zhuhai Air Show

China will debut its J-20 stealth fighter jet at the Zhuhai airshow, which is part of the week-long 11th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.

Low observable

China to Display J-20 Stealth Jet, Other Modern Warplanes and Missiles at Zhuhai Air Show

China is expected to feature some of the best equipment that the People's Liberation Army and state-owned defense giants have to offer the world.

China Flies More Than 40 Bombers and Fighter Jets Near Japan's Islands

China Flies More Than 40 Bombers and Fighter Jets Near Japan's Islands in East China Sea

In what military analysts have described as a show of force to Japan, China's air force said it flew more than 40 bombers and other fighter jets near Japan's islands in the East China Sea as part of its military drills in the Western Pacific on Sunday.

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