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People's Liberation Army Navy


US Navy Destroyer USS Sterett Docks at Zhanjiang for Port Visit to Chinese Navy

The Sterett and USS Dewey (DDG-105) were together deployed to Asia last March.

Chinese toehold

China will Open More Foreign Military Bases Worldwide in the Future

China's new naval base is located only 13 kilometers away from Camp Lemonnier, the largest U.S. military base in Africa.

New power plant

China Claims ‘Rim-Driven Thrusters’ will Make its New Nuclear Attack Subs the Best

The main disadvantage of rim-driven thrusters, however, is their reduced efficiency.


Xi Admits PLAN Still Not a World Class Navy

Xi again called for more efforts to build the PLAN into a strong and modern force.

 Power projection

China’s Navy Can’t Beat US Navy in Combat; Won’t Become World’s Most Powerful Navy

The naval and air wing crews that man the Liaoning are just "kindergarten students," said Li.

The nukes are here.

US Navy Needs to Expand Faster to Counter China, says its Chief

"We need to act urgently to achieve that greater naval power as quickly as we can."


US Navy will Deploy COBRA System that Hunts Down PLAN Submarines and Mines

COBRA will allow an LCS and its crew to detect mines and submarines in littoral waters.

Sky spy

China’s Navy Deploys its Only Two Most Modern AEW&C Planes to Hainan for Spy Missions over South China Sea

The HJ-500 is the naval version of the KJ-500, which is operated exclusively by the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).

Ready for PLAN

US Navy LRASM can Start Sinking Chinese Warships from Long Range by 2019

LRASM can be launched at a target PLAN warship from as far away as 370 kilometers.

More power

Indian Navy Running Short of Money for Modernization Program to Counter China

A lack of money stands in the way of this aim, however.

Ready for action

China’s AG600, World’s Largest Seaplane, Ready for Service with PLAN after First Flight

The biggest user of the AG600, however, is expected to be the PLAN.

 Power projection

China’s Navy to Expand Overseas Presence; Contain US Navy in Asia

PLAN will also enhance its capabilities for strategic deterrence and counterattack.

Second aircraft carrier

China’s Newly Launched Second Aircraft Carrier will be Named CNS Shandong

Chinese president Xi Jinping, however, was absent at the launching of the Shandong.

Waiting for more

China Plans to Build Fleet of Six Aircraft Carriers

China will also build about 10 naval bases for the six aircraft carriers.


PLA Vows to ‘Build an Indestructible Combat Force’ Subservient to Xi

Chinese state-controlled media said all PLA officers and soldiers pledged to obey the CPC Central Committee, the CMC and Xi.

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