Updated 2:12 PM EST, Wed, Jan 29, 2020

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People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force


China Still Mass Producing One Type 056 Corvette Every Two Months

A total of six Type 056 corvettes joined PLAN in 2016.

Waiting for more

Lack of Secure Home Ports Spells Disaster for China’s Aircraft Carriers

This restriction also means the U.S. Navy won't have a difficult time finding and attacking the few major naval bases operated by PLAN.


U.S. Transforming Japan into Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier Threatening China

The obvious show of force was meant to convey the image of Chinese naval strength to China's two major naval opponents in Asia.

War ready?

China Adds 10 More Warships to its Surface Fleet in 2016

There are currently three U.S. Navy carrier air groups operating in Asia.

Distributed lethality

China’s Surface Warships are a Joke, says Top US Navy Admiral

The People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is in the midst of a massive shipbuilding campaign.

Fire in the sky

China’s Largest Naval Drill Fails to stop South Korea Deploying THAAD; Japan to also Operate THAAD

Japan also announced it has taken the first steps in a process that will eventually lead to its deploying THAAD.

Warship killer

New Indian Navy Next Generation Stealth Corvettes to be Optimized for Sinking Chinese Warships

The Next Generation Corvettes will be the first corvettes built to destroy surface warships.

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