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Permanent Court of Arbitration


US Weighing 'Actions Short of War' to Punish China for Building Man-made Islands in South China Sea

They claim that if China doesn't recognize another country's rights to freedom of the seas, that country has the right to restrict China's freedom in return.

  Closer to war

Dangerous Escalation: US Navy will Sail its Warships Closer to China’s Man-Made Islands in South China Sea

Such a provocative move will be a dangerous new challenge to Chinese territorial claims.

Same feather

Is the Philippines Turning Pro-America Again because of Duterte-Trump Bromance?

Tillerson also saw China's activity in the South China Sea as "extremely worrisome."

 No more of this

US Vows to Stop China from Seizing More Territory in South China Sea

"I think the U.S. is going to make sure that we protect our interests there."


Real Reason for China’s Seizing US Underwater Glider Revealed

China still clings to its illegal claim it owns most of the South China Sea.

In Asia

China Almost Began a War against the United States in July over South China Sea

China saw the U.S. Navy's two Carrier Strike Groups in the South China Sea as an indication the U.S. was about to attack.

They don't stop

China State Hackers Try and Fail to Steal Secrets from US Aircraft Carrier Patrolling South China Sea

The U.S. Navy said that the hackers were unsuccessful .


Destroying China’s Militarized Islands will take about 15 Minutes, says Former US Spy Chief

Blair is confident the U.S. will quickly and easily defeat China in any conflict.

Beijing, Manila Laying Groundwork for Upcoming Talks on South China Sea Conflict

Beijing, Manila Laying Groundwork for Upcoming Talks on South China Sea Dispute

Philippine Foreign Affairs officials are currently making arrangements with their Chinese counterparts to pave the way for the formal start of Sino-Philippine talks on the South China Sea dispute.

Japan and the US

Japan to Increase South China Sea Patrols with US and Asian Allies

Japan will conduct bilateral and multilateral exercises with regional navies such as the Vietnam People's Navy and the Philippine Navy.

Not exactly friends

World Awaits China Action on Scarborough Shoal Reclamation

Xi is known to hold a low opinion of Obama.


ASEAN, China to De-escalate Tensions in South China Sea with New Deal

"It's one way of de-escalating tensions in the South China Sea," said de la Vega.

To the bottom

Indonesia, Malaysia Vow to Sink Chinese and Other Ships Intruding into their South China Sea Waters

In 2015, also on its Independence Day, Indonesia sank 41 fishing vessels.


Chinese Army Hardliners Call for War with the US; Xi Responds with Court Ruling

The Chinese supreme court issued a regulation of judicial interpretation to clarify China's jurisdiction over its territorial seas.

Happy days are here again

Navies of China and Russia to Hold Joint Naval Exercise in South China Sea

The naval drill will be held in September.

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