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plane crash

Turkish Airlines cargo plane crash

Turkish Airlines Cargo Plane Crashes into Kyrgyzstan Village, Kills Over 30

At least 32 people have been reported dead after a Turkish Airlines cargo plane crashed in Kyrgyzstan's Manas airport on Monday, officials said. Most of the victims are residents of the village of Dacha-Suu, Sokuluk District.

Russian Ilyushin II-18 Aircraft Crashes in Siberia, 39 Injured

Russian Military Plane Carrying 39 Crashes in Siberia

An II-18 military plane crash landed in northeastern Siberia with 32 passengers and seven crew members on board, a law enforcement source confirmed.

Pakistan International Airlines Flight PK 661 crashes near Abbottabad; 48 dead

Pakistan Commercial Plane Crash Kills 48 People On Board

A Pakistan International Airlines plane with 48 people on board crashed near Abbottabad in northern Pakistan on Wednesday evening.

Rescue operations are still ongoing at the site of the crash.

Plane Ferrying Brazilian Soccer Team Crashes in Central Colombia

A plane ferrying 81 individuals, some of whom are Brazilian soccer players, has crashed in Central Colombia on Monday 10:00 p.m. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

Faulty equipment, weak pilot training

AirAsia QZ8501 Crash Due to Rudder Problem, Pilot Response - Investigators

The crew's response to malfunctioning equipment was among the major factors behind the AirAsia plane crash that claimed the lives of 162 people in December last year, Indonesian officials disclose in a report issued Tuesday.

Germanwings cockpit

2-Crew Rule In U.S. Airlines Prevents Renegade Pilots From Taking Sole Control Of Plane

The Germanwings tragedy that took the lives of 148 passengers and crew of the Lufthansa subsidiary would not likely happen in a U.S. carrier. That's because American air carriers have a two-crew rule.

Germanwings Plane Crash a Deliberate Act: Investigators

Brice Robin, the French prosecutor who is investigating the crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525, said on Thursday that the co-pilot deliberately crashed the A320 jet into an alpine mountain ridge in France.

Germanwings Pilots Refuse To Fly After Plane Crash

Germanwings Pilots Refuse To Fly After Plane Crash

Several Germanwings pilots refused to fly as they mourn the loss of their friends who were part of the 152 passengers and crew who perished in the crash of Flight 4U9525.

Indonesian Jets Collide

Indonesian Pilots Practicing For Air Show Eject After Jets Collide Mid-Air

Four Indonesian pilots who were practicing on Sunday for a Malaysia acrobatic air show were able to eject from their jets that collided mid-air and crashed.


MH370 Search To Go Back To Square One If Plane Not Found By May

After Australia announced that the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may soon come to an end, Malaysia now says, it will come up with a new search plan if the plane is not found by end of May.

Harrison Ford Injured In Plane Crash

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford suffered injuries while trying to pilot a vintage World War II training plane. The plane crash-landed at approximately 2:20pm local time Wednesday on a California golf course, according to NBC News.

Search for Plane Crash in Virginia

3 Killed In Small Plane Crash In Virginia

A small private plane that the owner lent to his friend crashed in Virginia on Wednesday morning, killing all three people on board the aircraft.

Virginia's Norfolk Botanical Garden

Virginia Plane Crash Kills 2

A four-seater plane crashed into Virginia's Norfolk Botanical Garden, near the international airport, killing two people on Wednesday, Virginia State Police said.

asiana airlines crash

Asiana Airlines, Passengers Reach Settlement for 2013 Crash

Asiana Airlines and the more than 70 passengers onboard Flight 214 that crashed in San Francisco in 2013 have agreed to a settlement on Tuesday.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Search For MH370 May End Anytime Soon

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may end anytime soon.

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