Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Police authorities nabbed a Chinese man at a South African airport for illegally acqiring Rhino horns.

Chinese Man Busted with Ivory at South Africa Airport

A Chinese man has been detained in South Africa's airport after being found to be in possession of illegally acquired ivory.

Wolves still suffer from slower population growth rates due to legalized hunting.

Study: Legal Wolf Hunting Can Still Lead to More Poaching

A new study reveals evidence how legalized hunting of wildlife can still lead to more poaching activities.

Giant Panda

Police Arrest 10 In China For Killing And Selling Parts Of Giant Panda

Police have arrested 10 individuals in China's southwestern region for killing and selling the body parts of a female wild giant panda, a rare animal, according to Chinese state Media on Wednesday.

Ivory Trade

Large Herbivores Face Extinction, Could Result to 'Empty Landscapes'

Large herbivores face the risk of extinction, a phenomenon that could create sad 'empty landscape' scenes across the world.

Elon Musk

Apple, Tesla Motors Locked in Poaching War

Apple has been in a poaching war with Tesla over engineers for the past few years, with hundreds of employees switching between the two companies.

Taken from slaughtered elephants

California Democrat Introduces Bill to Intensify Ivory Ban

The ivory trade has been slaughtering elephants for a long time and it's time to save these animals.

Africa Blames China For Elephant Extinction

Chinese thirst for ivory led African leaders to announce Africa's elephants will be extinct within 20 years.

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