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Political geography

South China Sea dispute

China’s Large-Scale Reclamation Works Over Disputed Spratly Islands Not Valid: Study

In the course of the dispute over Spratly Islands, China's extensive reclamation works do not necessarily act as a ticket to win sovereignty claims in accordance with the maritime provisions of international law.

South China Sea Dispute

China, Vietnam Seek Resolution To Territorial Dispute In South China Sea

China and Vietnam on Monday agreed to conform to an existing boundary dispute mechanism to ease tensions caused by an earlier territorial spat in the South China Sea and improve relations.

North and South Korea

Two Koreas Trade Gunfire In Latest Border Clash

North and South Korea traded gunfire Sunday when North Korea's soldiers advanced toward the military border and refused to halt despite warning shots, according to the South Korean Defense Ministry.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

India Builds Road In Disputed Border With China, Likely For Defense

India is planning to construct a 1,800 kilometer-long road along the disputed border in Arunachal Pradesh, a move that some say could safeguard the country against potential incursions from China.

U.S. Navy

Is The U.S. Navy Practicing For Potential War With China?

The U.S. confirmed that its navy is practicing for a potential war with China, according to BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, who was invited aboard the USS George Washington.

North Korea and South Korea

Beijing News Criticizes North Korea Of Suspicious Foreign Policy Tactics

Despite North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong-un's visit to South Korea last October 4, Beijing News published an article warning the international community to be wary of NoKor's tactics. The report stated that Pyonyang's "flip flop attitude" is suspicious and China will be more appreciative if it shuts down its nuclear program.

India-Pakistan War

9 Dead, 37 Injured In Pakistan-India Border Clash

Nine civilians were killed while 37 more were reportedly injured during a clash between Pakistan and India along the Kashmir Border on Monday despite the cease-fire agreement between the two countries.

Map of Korean Border

North And South Korea Trade Warning Shots At Disputed Waters

North and South Korean warships trade warning shots Tuesday after a patrol vessel from the North momentarily crossed a disputed western sea border.

Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee

South Korea Wants North-South Family Reunions Top Priority

South Korea has expressed its desire to discuss with North Korean officials the reunion of Korean families separated during the Korean War after the closing ceremony of the Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea.

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