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The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street

China's Xiongmai to Call Back Webcams After Friday's Cyberattack

Chinese electric manufacturer Hangzhou Xiongmai is calling back some of its older versions webcam in the United States after it has been linked with the massive web attack that targeted home webcams to help knock popular websites offline.

78 percent of Reddit threads with over 1000 comments talk about Nazis and Hitler.

Reddit Threads: Hitler and Nazis Become Popular Comments Among Reddit Users

An analysis shows that the most popular thread on social site Reddit talks about Hitler, showing that the comments from the users are alive and well.

Reddit app allows users to filter and search for active communities with respect to their preferences.

Reddit Finally Unveils Official App for Android and iOS Devices

Reddit has launched its official mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, replacing the replace Alien Blue, the most popular unofficial Reddit app which the company acquired in 2014.

Reddit's new blocking tool can block and mute offending users quietly.

Reddit Launches New Blocking Tool Against Trolls and Harassment

Reddit has launched a new tool that allows users to block others from within their own inbox, hoping it will protect users from spam, trolling, and harassment.


Reddit Suffers Backlash From Users; Chief and Co-Founder Issues Apology

Reddit’s Victoria Taylor was unceremoniously booted from Reddit and the interactive community is having none of it. On Friday, Reddit’s chief Ellen Pao issued an apology to its online community, acknowledging some lapses on their judgement and should have handled the issue more appropriately.


Reddit Introduces New Anti-Harassment Rules for Users' Safety

Reddit says it wants to "balance the free expression of ideas with privacy and safety."


AMA Session: Reddit to Develop Its Own Video Platform

Reddit will start by trying to translate the success of the site's "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) interview posts into video format.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Gushes About Wife Anna Faris: "She's A Great Wife, Very Patient and Understanding"

Chris Pratt just proved that he's the best husband ever. Chris spent some time talking to fans in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session on April 24, Friday and used the opportunity to praise his lovely wife, actress Anna Faris.


Reddit Bans Stolen Nude Images and Revenge Porn

Reddit has brought new bans to lewd content unapproved by the original creator.


Imgur Pro Now Available for Free

Imgur has finally dropped the subscription for its pro features, making them available to everyone.


Reddit Reveals U.S. Government Data Demands

U.S. requests took a large slice of the pie, with only nine percent of requests coming from international agencies.

Microsoft Man

Bill Gates working with Microsoft on 'Personal Agent'

This is the first time Gates has actively talked about his work at Microsoft.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Thinks Artificial Intelligence Is Dangerous

Gates joins the growing list of people in technology afraid of the dangers of artificial intelligence.


EA's Origin Reportedly Charging Users For Unauthorized Purchases

Origin users are reporting charges for unauthorized purchases on their account, following a potential hack.

Yishan Wong

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong Resigns

Yishan Wong, Reddit’s chief executive officer, resigned from the company’s top post two and a half years after he assumed office.

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