Updated 11:29 AM EDT, Tue, Jun 16, 2020

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Republic of China Navy

Soon Taiwan

Taiwan will Build its first Indigenous ‘Landing Platform Dock’ Warship

The ROCN LPDs will support amphibious operations and transport tanks and other military equipment.

On Taiwan's wish list

Taiwan Prepared to Build its Own Aircraft Carrier to Scare-off China

Taiwan, however, has the technology and the money to build the LHD.

Hunter of PLAN subs

Two ex-US Navy Frigates Boost Taiwan’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability vs. China

Among the equipment on both warships is the AN/SQR-19 Multi-Function Towed Array Sonar (TACTAS) use for hunting down submarines.


Taiwan Dead Set on Buying F-35 Stealth Jets from the US to Defeat Chinese Invasion

The stealth fighters will be vital in adding more muscle to Taiwan's strategy of "double-level deterrence."

Reach out and touch someone

Taiwan Extending the Range of its Hsiung Feng III Missiles to Reach China

The effectiveness of the HF-3, however, is limited by its short range of 150 kilometers.


Taiwan to Receive Deadly Mark 48 Submarine Torpedo from the US

The torpedoes will arm the two Dutch-built Sea Dragon-class (Zwaardvis Mk 2) submarines.

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