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China economy

Business Consultant McKinsey Estimates China's Economy Could Grow to $5.6 Trillion by 2030

The business consultancy called McKinsey Global Institute said in a statement on Thursday that China's economy could grow to $5.6 trillion via gross domestic product and $5.1 trillion of new income for households by the year 2030.


New Report Claims Chinese Prisoners Killed for Their Organs Used in Transplants

A new report has been released claiming that China is killing their prisoners in order to get their organs for organ-transplant operations.

Chinese scientists are making advancement of cure for Ebola virus

Chinese Scientists Make Progress Againt Ebola Virus

Chinese scientists have made some progress in discovering a breakthrough against the deadly Ebola virus following the outbreak in West Africa in March 2014.

Actress Fan Bingbing

Scientists Say White Skin May be Result of Genetic Mutation

A recent international study headed by Chinese scientists has revealed that the preference of people from China for white-colored (or pale) complexion may originate from a "defective" genotype.


Stem-Cell Gene Therapy Shown to Restore Immunity for Youths with Immunodeficiency Disorder

A new research has revealed that older children and young adults with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID-X1) can undergo gene therapy to improve their condition.


Plant-Powered Lamp Lights Up the Amazon

In a quest to provide renewable energy to remote populations of the Amazon rainforest, researchers in Peru have developed a “Plant Lamp,” or “Plantalámpara,” that is powered by the energy released by plants.


Coca-Cola Funded A Research That Has A Biased Message On Obesity

The largest producer of sugary beverages is thrown into a controversy because the company has been reportedly caught funding a controversial research study.

Geek Girl

Recent Study Shows, Women Feel Sexier When They Play Violent Video Games

Video games have been around for decades and the various reasons they were considered negative is because of their most violent nature.


Why Scientists Put Wild Primates In Puerto Rico Island Cayo Santiago

A large colony of pure-bred rhesus macaque monkeys are being kept in Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico for decades because researchers believe that these monkeys are vital for all kinds of research.


China Technology Research: Chinese Invests in U.S. Research and Development For Patent

In their quest to be the country of innovation, instead of factories, China poured its investments in U.S. research and development, causing a surge of patents in order to have ownership of the research and invention.

Mind Control

China Tech: A New Discovery Allows The Human Mind To Control Cockroaches

In an attempt to rediscover what else the human brain can control, a student in China who came from Shanghai Jiaotong University implanted microelectrodes in a cockroach’s antennae in the hopes of kindling a reaction from the insect that is being controlled by the mind.

Large meltwater stream rushes across the surface of the Greenland ice sheet

Mystery Of 'Disappearing Lakes' In Greenland Solved; What Did Scientists Find?

Over a decade ago, scientists were mystified when lakes sitting atop Greenland’s ice sheet suddenly drained out billions of gallons of water in just hours. Now it appears the mystery is solved. Geoscientists have published a new study in the journal Nature on June 3 explaining the alarming phenomenon, reported Live Science.

Gold in Poop Research

Poop Contains Gold and Other Precious Metals, says USGS

Researchers were able to extract the precious metals with the use of industrial mining methods.

National Institutes of Health

Academic Research Fails to Report Majority of Clinical Results

Study authors reported that private industry actually performed better than academic or publicly funded researchers in posting results.

Does Facebook Knows Us Better than Our Own Family?

Given enough data, the algorithm can predict the correct personality traits better than any human.

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