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RS-28 Sarmat

Testing, testing.

Russia’s Sarmat ICBM Hit by New Delays; Deployment Date Uncertain

Russia places great faith in the Sarmat and has gone on a non-stop propaganda binge to convince the world no country on Earth, the U.S. included, has defenses that can shoot down this heavy ICBM in flight.

Testing, testing.

First Flight Tests of Russia’s New Sarmat ICBM Scheduled for 1st Quarter Faces Delay

Russia did, however, reveal the first photos of Satan-2 in October following a successful first stage test in August.

Too fast

Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Development Program in Trouble

Borisov's remarks seem to indicate Russia's hypersonic weapons development program has run into trouble.


China Singing the Praises of Russia’s RS-28 (SATAN-2) ICBM

This heavy ICBM "will be the new trump card in Russia's nuclear arsenal and pose an immense deterrent on the U.S."

New war

Russia Claims Deployment of 'Sarmat' Heavy ICBM with 16 Nukes by 2018

Of special interest, however, is "Project 4202," part of which is the Yu-71, a maneuvering hypersonic glide vehicle.

Too fast

Russia says its Maneuverable Hypersonic Nuclear Warhead is Ready for War

The Yu-74 tears through the air at Mach 10 (12,400 km/h).

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