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Sea of Japan

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USS Ronald Reagan to Begin Asian Patrols with USS Carl Vinson This Month

The USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) and its Carrier Strike Group 5 (CSG-5) is the navy's largest and most powerful carrier strike group.

Escort duty

Japanese Helicopter Carrier JS Izumo Authorized to use Force to Protect US Navy Supply Ship

Izumo has been ordered to safeguard the U.S. Navy supply ship until they both reach the Pacific side off Shikoku.

In Korea

SEAL Team Six Nuclear Submarine now in South Korea to ‘Foster Outstanding Relations’

Michigan is one of the navy's four missile and special operations submarines converted from Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines.

She spies

China, Russia Send Spy Ships to Keep Tabs on USS Carl Vinson off North Korea

Yuanwang-5, Yuanwang-6 and Yuanwang-7 are currently steaming towards undisclosed locations.

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Japan Reports Record Interceptions of Chinese Military Aircraft over East China Sea

Japan is concerned the stepped-up pace of PLAAF air patrols are also meant to test the air defenses protecting Tokyo.


USS Carl Vinson Redeployed off Korean Peninsula as North Korea Prepares for New Nuclear Bomb Test

"The number one threat in the region continues to be North Korea ..."

In the Navy

China Says ‘No’ to USS Zumwalt Patrols Off Eastern North Korea near China

The ministry said China is opposed to any measures that affect China's security interests but specified no retaliation of any kind.


USS Zumwalt to Conduct First Combat Patrol off North Korea

Carter said "all three of our newest class of stealth destroyers, the DDG-1000, will be homeported with the Pacific fleet."

The supply ship Gaoyouhu heads to Hawaii for the 2016 Pacific Rim (RIMPAC) on June 25, 2016 in the western Pacific Ocean.

China Holds 'Confrontation' Naval Drills in Sea of Japan

The Chinese navy is conducting 'confrontation' naval drills in the Sea of Japan as part of its routine annual exercises, according to state media.

China Navy

China Conducts Combat Drills in Sea of Japan

Chinese Navy has conducted combat drills in the Sea of Japan.

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