Updated 6:02 PM EDT, Wed, Apr 01, 2020

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Secretary of Defense Ash Carter


All Three US Navy Zumwalt-class Destroyers will Face-off against China

"We are not waiting until we have what many see as the ultimate goal, a one megawatt laser weapon. We would like to build capability incrementally," said Adm. Manzir.

Smart nuke

B61 Air Dropped 'Dumb' Nuclear Bomb will Become Smart Nuclear Bomb

The U.S. has produced 3,155 of these nuclear bombs since 1968.

DIUx man

First DIUx Contracts will Develop Smarter Land, Sea and Aerial Drones

The main mission of DIUx is to serve as a bridge between the U.S. military and private companies operating at the cutting edge of technology.

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