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Breakthrough Initiatives Widens Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

With this latest development, the observatories collaborating on SETI searches now spans four continents.

ET hunter

China’s FAST Space Telescope Officially Joins in the Hunt for Intelligent Extraterrestrial Civilizations

"FAST's potential to discover an alien civilization will be five to 10 (times) that of current equipment, as it can see farther and darker planets."

What might be

When Aliens Call, We Shouldn’t Answer, Reasserts Stephen Hawking

Hawking said humans should "only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."

ET, please phone me

SETI Plods on in Search for ET despite Pessimism but Buoyed by $100 Million in Funding

He surmised aliens might be lower than us on the evolutionary and technological scale.

Let me play among the stars

Star Trek got it Wrong; Aliens will Only Meet Humans 1,500 Years from now

This conflicting data shows SETI still has a very, very long way to go.

Equations used in SETI

We Weren’t Alone; Many Alien Civilizations Have Gone Extinct Says Study

The probability there has never been any extra-terrestrial life in space is an infinitesimal one in 10 billion trillion.

Scientists Plan to Beam the Internet to Aliens to Tell Them Where We Are

The new and controversial idea came from the SETI institute.


Scientists Trying to Contact Alien Life Could Doom Mankind

Alien life researchers from SETI are planning to send active signals into deep space.

Is God out there?

NASA Grants US$50 Million to Astrobiologists to Study the Universe and Extraterrestrial Life

All the research teams will fully cover all the areas of astrobiology

Are we alone?

Top Space Scientists Believe Distance, Time Makes Contact With Alien Life Unlikely

Unfortunately, the Milky Way is more than 100,000 light years long.

The Novato-Webber-Jennisken meteorite

Study Reveals Novato Meteorite's History

It dates back to when the Earth's moon was formed after a massive impact.

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