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Independence-class Littoral Combat Ships being Deployed to Singapore by US Navy

Of the 13 Independence-class LCSs, four are in service while seven more are fitting out or building.

Malaysia’s Real Estate Market.

China Eclipses Singapore to Become Biggest Investor in Malaysia’s Real Estate Market

China has overtaken Singapore to emerge as the biggest investor in Malaysia's real estate market, according to data prepared by a leading research company. This suggests that Chinese investors are getting wary about the soaring real estate prices in the domestic market and are hunting for cheap bargains abroad.

Singapore and China to Resume top-level Bilateral Meeting.

Singapore and China to Resume Top-Level Bilateral Forum Next Week

Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean will start a three day official visit to China from Sunday for participating in the 13th Joint Council for Bilateral Cooperation (JCBC) meeting

Singapore's defense ministry on Monday demanded for the immediate release of the nine military vehicles seized by Hong Kong authorities in November.

Singapore Demands Return of Seized Military Vehicles from Hong Kong

Singapore's defense ministry sent a stern message to Hong Kong on Monday demanding the state to return nine of its military armored troop carrier in accordance to sovereign immunity law.

Singapore tops latest PISA education survey

PISA Test 2016: Singapore Tops International Education Rankings; East Asia dominates

Teenagers from Singapore led the ranks of best-performing students in the Organization of Economic Cooperation Development's survey on international education, followed by Japan, Estonia, Finland and Canada.

Singaporean soldiers

China Voices Concern Over Singapore's Ties With Taiwan

China has lodged a formal protest with Singapore after Singaporean armored troop carriers were seized by Hong Kong customs officials en route from Taiwan.

The army machineries were taken by Hong Kong officials as they were being transferred from Taiwan to Singapore

China, Singapore Speak on China’s Seizure of Singapore’s Military Vehicles

Chinese and Singapore officials have spoken out in regard to the forceful acquisition nine of Singapore's military vehicles which were seized last week on Wednesday as they passed through Hong Kong from Taiwan.

Nine military vehicles seized by Hong Kong Customs

Nine Singapore Military Vehicles Seized by Hong Kong Customs

Nine Singaporean military vehicles were seized and impounded after Hong Kong Customs were tipped off by mainland agents regarding the entry of military vehicles through a cargo ship docking in Xiamen Mainland Port.

Woman takes photo of Google's logo.

Google to Give Young People in Singapore Tech Training

Tech giant Google is planning to train the next generation of technology innovators in Singapore.

Nathan Hartono expressed

Nathan Hartono is Grateful for 'Sing! China' Opportunity

After battling on Friday night for the 'Sing! China' title, Nathan Hartono did not treat the results as a loss, expressing "outpouring of gratefulness" for the opportunity he had.

China not a Target at Ongoing War Games in the Disputed South China Sea, Australian Forces Say

China Not a Target at Ongoing Military War Games in South China Sea, Australian Forces Say

The five-nation joint military exercise dubbed "Exercise Bersama Lima" has started this week in the disputed South China Sea, but the Australian Defence Forces has quickly denied the military activity is in response to China's increasing military assertiveness in the region.

Singapore Accuses The Global Times.

Singapore’s Ambassador Writes 2nd Letter to Global Times Over South China Sea Report

The war of words between Singapore's ambassador to China and The Global Times over South China Sea report intensified further after ambassador wrote second open letter to the state owned tabloid.

Singapore Accuses The Global Times.

Singapore Accuses Chinese Newspaper of Making Baseless Allegation

Singapore's Ambassador to China on Tuesday accused a leading Chinese state-owned newspaper of falsely reporting that Singapore had taken an anti-Chinese stance on the South China Sea dispute at a recent summit. However, the newspaper has stood by its story.

Basketball Hall of Famer Yao Ming

China Basketball: Yao Ming to miss Merlion Cup appearance; Shanghai Sharks still set to compete

Yao Ming is set to miss his scheduled appearance in the 2016 Merlion Cup in Singapore this month as the former NBA superstar had “more pressing matters to attend to”, according to reports.

Zika Virus

Travel Notice Issued for Singapore as Zika Virus Infects 56 People

Travel notices have been issued to citizens of Australia, Taiwan, and South Korea to cancel any plans of going to Singapore. This move comes after the Zika virus was confirmed to have infected its 56th victim in the city-state.

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