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Lenovo and Microsoft has a new patent cross-licensing agreement that covers both Lenovo and Motorola devices.

Lenovo to Bundle Future Android Phones With Microsoft Apps

Lenovo and Microsoft have announced that the former's future Android smartphones will be bundled with Office and other Microsoft productivity apps.

The desktop counterpart of WhatsApp is essentially the same as the mobile version.

WhatsApp Unveils Desktop App for Mac and Windows

WhatsApp has launched desktop clients for Mac and Windows following its release of first web app.


Microsoft Releases New Updates for Skype for Web

Tech giant Microsoft has updated its Skype for Web service by rolling out a feature that allows users to call mobile phones and landlines. With the new update, users of Skype for Web can now make international calls directly from their browser to any cellphone or landline provided they have enough Skype credits or subscription.

China’s WeChat App Now Features Skype-Like International Calling Service

China’s WeChat App Now Features Skype-Like International Calling Service

The popular Chinese messaging app WeChat is now offering Skype-like international telephone calling service. The new update called "WeChat Out" allows users to call actual phone numbers (either a mobile phone or landline).

Microsoft’s Premium Office 365 E5 Subscribers Will get Skype for Business Meeting, Conferencing, and Calling Features

Microsoft’s Premium Office 365 E5 Subscribers Will get Skype for Business Meeting, Conferencing, and Calling Features

Microsoft has announced a new subscription in Office 365 that will be featuring Skype for Business voice and meetings. Some of the new features available for this service including PSTN Conferencing, Skype Meeting Broadcast, and Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling.

Microsoft Skype

Microsoft Skype Translator Is Now Officially Released On Windows With Six Spoken Languages

Microsoft-owned Skype Translator for Windows is now officially released on Thursday with six spoken languages.


Animated Mojis Still Trendy: Microsoft Skype Makes Chats More Expressive

Microsoft Skype launches today animated Mojis to cheer up Skype chats in order to express oneself.


Skype Launches Its Newest Movie-Based Emojis And Gif Images

Skype users can now send movie and TV show clips to their loved ones and friends.


China's Massive App Market: Do Foreign app Makers Have Moneymaking Potential?

Thanks to China's huge population, the country has the highest number of smartphone users since 2013, easily outnumbering the combined smartphone sales of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada that year.


Skype For Web: New Update For Skype Allows You To Use It On Any Browser

The real time video communication platform that has been extremely popular due to its ability to break barriers and connect people, is out with a new version that will allow users to access it any browser

Flow App for iPhone

Microsoft Confidential Development Of Chat/email App Flow; Debut On iPhone Leaked

Reports are coming out that Microsoft plans to launch a lightweight chat app companion to the Outlook email.

Microsoft's Skype Translator Preview is Now Accessible

Currently, Skype Translator supports English to and from Chinese (Mandarin), Italian and Spanish. Microsoft is encouraging testers to use it with these languages.

Skype Brings Real-Time Voice Translator To All Users With No Invite Required

The Microsoft has announced on Tuesday that the Skype Translator will be available to all users.


Skype for Business Launches Today

Skype for Business will feature the same consumer-interface but with enterprise level security and management features unavailable on the consumer version.

Microsoft / Satya Nadella

Microsoft Apps Coming to Samsung, Dell Android Devices

Samsung is the first global partner, adding OneNote, OneDrive and Skype to the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

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