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Northern China Braces for latest Bout of Smog.

As Northern China Braces for Latest Bout of Smog, 3 Highways Ordered to Bring Down Emission

The Chinese government has given directives to concerned authorities that they must work together to bring down emissions on three major highways connecting to 20 Chinese cities including the country's capital city, Beijing.

Beijing Smog

China Tells Local Weather Forecasters to Stop Issuing Smog Alerts

China's Meteorological Administration on Tuesday has barred regional forecasters from issuing smog alerts to prevent mismatches, a move that has raised suspicions and received great criticisms from the online community.

Air Pollution Hits Parts Of China

Beijing Researchers Study Relationship of Smog, Lung Cancer

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning (BMCHFP) has conducted a study to determine the potential relationship of smog and lung cancer, according to the Beijing News on Sunday.

Plans are currently on going to put air purifiers in schools in Beijing for learning to continue

Beijing to Install Air Purifiers in Schools

Beijing is planning to install air purifiers and air filters in schools as the city continues to come up with new ways to battle with smog, according to the new initiative announced by the Education Municipal on Thursday.

Beijing has issued a red alert notice as it prepares for a massive smog expected between Friday and Wednesday next week.

Beijing Issues First Red Alert Smog Warning This Year

Beijing has issued a red alert notice on Thursday, indicating that harsh fog pollutions are expected in the region over the next five days. This is the first notice the city has released this year.

A woman covers her mouth and nose as a protective measure against the smog

October Smog Analysis Still Worrying, China's Environmental Ministry

As smog fills the air in the Northern Regions of China, a report by the Ministry of Environment released on Monday indicates that there was a fall rather than an increase in the county's smog condition by the end of October.

The Smog Free Tower, which is designed by Daan Roosegaarde as part of his Smog Free Project, debuted in Beijing on Thursday.

World's Biggest Air Purifier Cleans Beijing's Air, Turns Smog into Jewelries

The world's biggest air purifier, which not only removes pollutants and cleans air but also turns smog into jewelry, made its debut in Beijing, China, on Thursday. The Smog Free Tower is designed by Daan Roosegaarde as part of his Smog Free Project.

The city of Beijing covered in heavy smog

Beijing Reports 46 Days of Heavy Pollution in 2015

In 2015, China's capital city Beijing recorded 46 days of heavy pollution comprising of nearly 13 percent of the year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said on Tuesday.

Local Chinese farmers utilize artificial light to grow plants

Chinese Farmers Use Electric Lamps to Grow Plants Amid Persistent Smog

As heavy smog continues to blanket Hebei Province in China, farmers have come up with a brilliant way to keep their crops and plants alive using electric lamps.

Pollution in China

North China on Yellow Alert Due to Smoggy Weather

China's weather observatory issued a yellow alert Tuesday morning due to smog coming from the north side of the country and is expected to linger until Wednesday.

A comparative photo of  Tiananmen Square amid smog in Beijing, China

Second 'Red Alert' Issued Over Smog in Beijing, Other Cities

Just over a week ago, the city of Beijing has issued its first ever warning on air pollution. And now, it has once again raised the 'red alert' status following the heavy smog that covered the northern part of China.

Beijing Blanketed In Heavy Smog

Beijing Lifts Smog Red Alert But More Smog Expected This December

Beijing local government already lifted red alert for smog Thursday after three days, as skies cleared however more heavy smog is expected this month.

Beijing Blanketed In Heavy Smog

Anti-Smog Inflatable Gym Built in Beijing School

Due to the damaging quantities of smog in China, a middle school in Beijing has come up with an ingenious of a way of ensuring students keep healthy by partaking in sporting events.

Chinese Authorities Raise Smog Alert Level At Its Second Highest In Beijing This Year

Chinese Authorities Raise Smog Alert Level to Second Highest in Beijing This Year

Chinese authorities have raised the smog alert level to the second to the highest so far this year in the nation's capital Beijing.

China Rallies Major Cities To Fulfill Cleaner Air Plan By 2017

China Rallies Major Cities to Fulfill Cleaner Air Plan by 2017

The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection has given an ultimatum to its major cities to reach their planned targets in reducing major air pollutants by 2017.

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