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South China Sea

Headed for the army?

Stoppage-free Magpul PMAG Magazines for M4 Carbines Accepted by US Marines

That edge is no magazine stoppages after over 20,000 rounds fired.

PLAN Commander

Vice-Admiral Shen Jinlong is new Commander of the People’s Liberation Army Navy

His flag experience at sea is limited, however, since he has led PLAN warships for only two years.


China wants Peace and Stability in Asia but on its Terms, says White Paper

It also outlines China's concept of "common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security."

Rex Tillerson Wants to Deny China Access to Islands and Reefs  in the South China Sea

Rex Tillerson Wants to Deny China Access to Islands, Reefs in the South China Sea

Incoming US president Donald Trump's pick for the position of secretary of state on Wednesday told the confirmation committee hearing that Washington should deny China access to the artificial islands, reefs, and shoals after the latter has built in the disputed South China Sea.

Ready for war

Tillerson Signals Willingness to Use US Military Force against China in South China Sea

Tillerson noted the Obama administration neglected to tackle the problem.

Cross Strait Relations.

Taiwan Dispatches Jets, Navy Ships after Chinese Aircraft Carrier Enters Taiwan Strait

Taiwan dispatched fighter jets and navy ships on Wednesday after Chinese warships led by a aircraft carrier sailed through Taiwan Strait, in yet another sign of ongoing tension in the cross-strait relations.

In Asia

US, UK, Japan Forming Anti-China Military Alliance in Asia

China has no allies in this fight. China will fight alone.

Chinese Military Expert Defends China's Missile Deployments in South China Sea

Chinese Military Expert Defends China's Missile Deployments in South China Sea

A Chinese military expert defended China's deployment of surface-to-air missiles in its controlled islands in the disputed South China Sea, saying the military move is "completely reasonable" in the wake of the US' powerful maritime presence in the region.


China Confirms Aircraft Carrier Conducted First Drill in South China Sea

China confirmed that its aircraft carrier has for the first time conducted drills in the South China Sea with a formation of other warships and fighter jets.


US Forges Ahead with Plans to Deploy Land-based Artillery to South China Sea Islands

A new type of ammunition will transform army howitzers and navy cannons into anti-aircraft guns capable of shooting down enemy missiles.


China Warns of World War III if Sea Battles Erupt in South China Sea

"As missile technologies advance, aircraft carriers are not the last bargaining chip between big powers."


Real Reason for China’s Seizing US Underwater Glider Revealed

China still clings to its illegal claim it owns most of the South China Sea.

In Asia

China Almost Began a War against the United States in July over South China Sea

China saw the U.S. Navy's two Carrier Strike Groups in the South China Sea as an indication the U.S. was about to attack.

To Asia

US Navy Deploys USS Carl Vinson Strike Group to Asia; Over 100 Fighter Jets Ready for War

The USS Carl Vinson is currently the flagship of Carrier Strike Group One, (CSG-1).

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte

Phillipines' Duterte Says China's Activities in South China Sea are No Cause for Concern

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said that the United States' abject failure to block China from building artificial islands in the South China Sea shows that there is no reason to be concerned by Beijing's militarization or reclamation work in the disputed area.

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