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Behind The Scene Of South Korean TV Drama

Chinese Fans Illegally Stream Korean TV Shows After Ban

Chinese viewers are reportedly turning to illegal sites that stream pirated Korean shows, after Korean TV dramas were banned in China, according to Korea Herald.

South Korea Announces Site of THAAD Deployment

China, Russia Join Forces Against US, South Korea's THAAD Deployment Plan

China and Russia have agreed to enhance their coordinated efforts to oppose the US' controversial plan to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) missile system in South Korea.

Feared by China and Russia

Chinese Armchair Generals Claim China can Easily Defeat THAAD

"In peacetime, China also has measures to counter the THAAD system."

Lotte World Tower Under Construction Previewed

Lotte's China Website Hacked as Protest Against THAAD Deal

The Lotte Group admitted on Wednesday that anonymous Chinese hackers have attacked its website in China, a day after it signed a deal to sell its land for a US missile defense system in South Korea. The retail giant's official website has remained inaccessible to visitors since late Tuesday afternoon.

US will likely deploy its THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in June.

THAAD System may be Deployed to South Korea in June Amid China's Opposition

The United States will likely deploy its Terminal-High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile system to South Korea this June despite a stern warning from China, according to local media on Sunday.

Need South Korean money

Russia Needs South Korean Money; Won’t Assist China in Imposing Economic Sanctions on Seoul over THAAD

One reason why Russia can't condemn Seoul as much as Beijing can is because Russia wants to wean itself from its far too large economic reliance on China.

China Expels 32 South Korean Christian Missionaries.

China Cracks Down on South Korean Christian Missionaries Amid THAAD Tension

Nearly 32 South Korean Christian missionaries have been expelled from China following a sudden raid in the country's improvised north-eastern region of Yanji. The raid comes at a time when Beijing is upping the antic against South Korea over its planned deployment of the US' anti-ballistic missile in the Korean Peninsula.

Fire in the sky

South Korea Slams Door Shut in China’s Face; Reaffirms THAAD Deployment with Finality

During their phone call, Han and Mattis, discussed the security situation on the Korean Peninsula.

Too fast

Russia’s Hypersonic Missile Development Program in Trouble

Borisov's remarks seem to indicate Russia's hypersonic weapons development program has run into trouble.

Korean cosmetics

China Bans Import of 19 Korean Cosmetics Amid THAAD Conflict

The South Korean cosmetics industry has been hit hard in the Chinese market after 19 of its products failed to meet the country's import guidelines, a move that is believed to be China's reply to Seoul for allowing the US to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system.

No go

China to Completely Ban K-Pop and Korean Entertainment in Retaliation for THAAD

A de facto ban on South Korean entertainers has been in place since late 2016, however.

Fire in the sky

Trump Supports THAAD Deployment in Korea; China Vows Retaliation

"For security, (we) have to deploy (THAAD)," said Hwang.

The THAAD deployment has been met with oppositions from China.

China Targets South Korea' Lotte in THAAD backlash

South Korea fears that its decision to host a US missile shield could be behind a series of Chinese probes into Lotte, Seoul's fifth biggest conglomerate.

Fire in the sky

China’s Largest Naval Drill Fails to stop South Korea Deploying THAAD; Japan to also Operate THAAD

Japan also announced it has taken the first steps in a process that will eventually lead to its deploying THAAD.

USFK Commander

US THAAD Missile Battery to South Korea will be Ready for Action within 10 Months, says USFK Commander

The THAAD battery will be under the operational control of Gen Brooks' USFK,

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