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U.S. Air Force

 6th gen

Science and Technology will Keep US Air Force the World’s Most Powerful

The air force also recognizes the need a new long-range penetrating fighter for missions in Asia and the Pacific.

Air power!

US Air Force Says it Can Do the Job with Just 165 Strategic Heavy Bombers

Gen. Wilson told U.S. Congressmen the B-21 is on schedule and on budget.


New AESA Radar Makes Old US F-16s Better than New Russian Su-35S in Dogfighting

"The APG-83 SABR system is in full rate production and available now for U.S. and international F-16 upgrades."

Terra firma at last

X-37B Space Spy Plane Returns to Orbit in August; Might Test Anti-Satellite Technologies

The air force has made it a point not to list all the payloads on its previous X-37B missions.


US Wants More Money to Win a Space War against Russia and China

He said China and Russia have been "quietly watching" and preparing their own ASAT systems.

LCAA precursor

Expendable US Combat Drones set to Dominate Future Air Combat

Equally important, the air force can afford to lose hundreds of the disposable LCAAs.


US Replacing MOAB with Smaller but more Destructive Bomb

Much of the massive 10,000 kg weight of MOAB is accounted for by the bomb casing.

More is better

US Moves to Perfect Kill Vehicle that Destroys Multiple Nuclear Warheads

He said MOKV is intended to destroy multiple objects simultaneously.


US Air Force Allows Thin Pilots to Fly the F-35A Stealth Fighter

"Combined, these changes reduce the risk to lightweight pilots in both high- and low-speed ejections ... "

Too fast

US to Ensure Technological Edge over China and Russia in Hypersonic Weapons

"We're accelerating our research in this area," said Acting Secretary of the Air Force Lisa S. Disbrow.

Into combat

MQ-9 Reaper Drops GBU-38 GPS-Guided JDAM Bombs in Combat for the First Time

GBU-38 is the only JDAM the MQ-9 Reaper can deploy.

Terra firma at last

Clandestine X-37B Spaceplane Finally Returns to Earth after Record 718 Days in Orbit

The X-37B is a sophisticated spy spaceplane that's been equipped with high-resolution cameras on all its four missions.

Visibly invisible

US F-22, F-35 Stealth Fighters Evade Detection with Device that Makes Them Visible to Russian Radar

This device increases the radar cross section (RCS) of the F-22.

Forward deployed

First US Air Force F-35s on European Mainland Forward Deployed to Bulgaria

This is the first overseas flying training deployment of air force F-35As.


Saudi Arabian Prince and F-15 Fighter Pilot named Ambassador to the United States

Prince Khaled took his flying lessons at the U.S. Air Force's Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi.

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