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U.S Marines


US Marines Set to Adopt Army M855A1 EPR Rounds for their M4s and M16A4s

Army and Marine M4s both have a caliber of 5.56 mm and fire 5.56×45mm NATO rounds.


SOCOM and US Marines to Receive New Medium Machine Gun Firing Accurate Sniper Rounds

The .338NM gives the LWMMG a huge increase in range.


US Marines Testing M4 Carbines Equipped with Silencers

The Marines' proof-of-concept effort will eventually equip every weapon in an infantry battalion with silencers.

Future war

Robots Lead Air-Sea-Land Assault on ‘Enemy’ Beach by US Marines

This new mode of robot warfare might become the standard playbook of the Marines in future wars in Asia against China.

Beach assault

Armed robots and Aerial Drones to Spearhead Assaults by US Marines

"A machine needs to be in there."


US Marines in Combat in Asia will Ride Special ATVs

UTV is the first such vehicle designed specifically for infantry Marines.

Training for war

US Marines F-35B Stealth Jets Ramp-up Combat Training against China in Japan

The Marines said this is the first time the forward-deployed VMFA-121 loaded ordnance onto a running F-35B.

Europe, we are here!

US Air Force F-35s Deployed to Europe for the First Time; Middle East to Follow

The F-35s specifically belong to the 34th Fighter Squadron, the first operational F-35A Lightning II fighter squadron in the world.

Marines power

Gung Ho + Information Warfare Dominance to Ensure US Marines’ Battlefield Success against China and Russia

A review by the corps found it needs more sophisticated information warfare capabilities.

Better protection

US Marines, US Navy Sailors Set to Receive Improved Flame Resistant Uniforms

It's the latest upgrade to the Marines' Flame Resistant Combat Ensemble (FRCE) inventory.

New tactics

US Marines Upgrading Amphibious Invasion Tactics

The exercise will provide warfighters the opportunity to assess the operational utility of emerging technologies.


US Looks to Lighten Warload of its Soldiers Starting with Ammo Cans

"Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain."


US Marines to Have a Long-term Presence in Norway amid Russian Provocations

The U.S. plan doesn't call for a permanent basing of U.S. troops in Norway.

ACV 1.1

US Marines’ New Amphibious Combat Vehicle will be a Monster

A winner should be selected in 2018 to build 204 vehicles.


US Generals Confident in F-35’s Ability to Defeat Russian and Chinese Fighters in Air Combat

"It is like watching a velociraptor going through. Everything in its path is killed," he said.

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