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Ground-effect unmanned aerial vehicle

China is Building Ground-Effect, Anti-Ship Drone

A new Chinese anti-ship drone could be in the pipeline, with technologies derived from developments in cruise missiles and ground-effect vehicles.

Reaper Aircraft Flies Without Pilot From Creech AFB

China to Launch TYW-1 Military Drone to International Market in 2018

China is planning to introduce a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the TYW-1, for military purpose to the international market next year.

China may require drone owners to register their real names.

China Wants Drone Owners to Register Their Real Names

China plans mandatory real name registration of drone owners to help the country in monitoring and managing security risks posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in airports and other sensitive areas, a senior official told local media.

China claimed that its Wing Loong II unmanned aerial vehicle received its largest foreign order.

China's Wing Loong II Drone Secures Biggest Foreign Order

China has received the largest overseas order for its Wing Loong II strike-capable reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a step closer to its goal to become a major military exporter, state-backed Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.


US Air Force will Retire MQ-1 Predator Aerial Drones in 2018

The air force took delivery of its last MQ-1 Predator in March 2011.

Muslims like them

China is Top Combat Aerial Drone Supplier to Muslim Military Powers

Iraq is the leading combat operator of the CH-4.

It doesn't work

Iran Claims New Suicide Drone can Attack US Forces on Land and Sea

Flying low, the drone is designed to skim less than a meter above the water.

Really big

Russia Presenting US Aerial Drone Mission near Crimea as a ‘Casus Belli’

RQ-4s flying over friendly Ukraine are nothing new.

Small spy

US Marines to Arm Combat Squads with Aerial Drones

"At the end of next year, my goal is that every deployed Marine infantry squad had got their own quadcopter," he said.

Taiwan Drones Spy on China

Taiwan's unmanned drones were able to detect military activity from China's southeastern coast after it expanded airspace deployment from over eastern and southern Taiwan to airspace over the Taiwan Strait, according to a military official.

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