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United States

China Cyber Spies

US to Halt Chinese Investments in Strategic US Tech Firms

The government wants to give CFIUS more power to stop "China's predatory practices."

Getting badder

North Korea Behind Many of the Devastating Cyberattacks since 2009, says US

Hidden Cobra was previously called the Lazarus Group and Guardians of the Peace by western cyber investigators.

More power

$350 Billion Arms Deal with US Makes Saudi Arabia the Islamic Military Superpower

Sunni-majority Saudi Arabia and Shiite-majority Iran are locked in a bitter and deadly sectarian feud expressed in raging proxy wars in Yemen and Syria.


US Assesses China’s Information Warfare Capabilities

"China believes its cyber capabilities and personnel lag behind the United States," said the DoD report.


Bolder and More Provocative: US Navy and Air Force Conduct First Joint Patrol of South China Sea

U.S. Navy patrols of the South China Sea are becoming increasingly bolder.

Preparing for war

US, NATO and European Allies Mass 25,000 Troops for Massive Military Exercise on Russia’s Doorstep

NATO describes Saber Guardian 17 as "deterrence in action."

Fast and furious

US Boosts Spending on Anti-Hypersonic Missile Defenses

"What we can do is to develop our own hypersonic weapons and improve our defenses against theirs," he said.


China to US: South China Sea Issue is None of your Business

He further claims China has striven to develop and improve friendly and cooperative relations with other countries in the Asia-Pacific


Destruction of ICBM Ensures US Domination of the World, says China

The current strategic balance among the contending world powers (the U.S. versus China and Russia) "is largely based on the capability of Mutually Assured Destruction."


US Threatens Action if China Militarizes More Islands in South China Sea

"We cannot and will not accept unilateral, coercive changes to the status quo."

Hitting a bullet with a bullet

US to Destroy One ICBM with Two EKVs in New Test Set for 2018

This test is "the next step in ever increasing operational realism."


US to Destroy ICBM with Kill Vehicle in Warning to North Korea

Kim will eventually succeed if "left unchecked."


Better to Accept North Korea as Nuclear Armed than Ignite a Nuclear War, says Former US Intel Chief

Adm. Blair's startling comments come as the U.S. has accelerated obvious preparations for a punitive precision strike on North Korea's nuclear facilities.


War against North Korea is Coming -- and Soon -- Claims US Think Tank

He pointed out clear signs of a subtle but massive build-up of U.S. naval and air power within striking distance of the Korean Peninsula.


Saudi Arabia and US Sign Largest Weapons Deal in History

The weapons will be put to use in the Yemeni Civil War.

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