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University College London


Smoking Marijuana Reduces Short-term Motivation to Work for Money, says British study

The research, which consisted of two separate studies, involved 57 volunteers.

Human pain

British Researchers Make Breakthough Discoveries in Research into Pain

Researchers have come up with a procedure that they believe open the possibility of developing treatment for patients who are unable to feel pain. The procedure can also allow medics help patients manage chronic pain.

Study reveals change in sense of humor is a sign of dementia

Change in Sense of Humor May be Symptom of Dementia

A change in sense of humor could be a sign of dementia according to a new study by UK researchers. And it may begin to manifest years ahead compared with other symptoms.

Hydrothermal vents found underwater can trigger life.

Seafloor Thermal Vents May be the Source of Life on Earth

Organic molecules responsible for life on earth may have formed from hydrothermal vents on the seabed, scientists suggest in a new study conducted by the University College London.

Eye Catcher by Interactive Architecture Labs

Ferrofluid Artwork Stares Back at Viewers

The ferrofluid creates the illusion a minimalistic face is starting back at the individual.

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