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USS Carl Vinson


War against North Korea is Coming -- and Soon -- Claims US Think Tank

He pointed out clear signs of a subtle but massive build-up of U.S. naval and air power within striking distance of the Korean Peninsula.

She spies

China, Russia Send Spy Ships to Keep Tabs on USS Carl Vinson off North Korea

Yuanwang-5, Yuanwang-6 and Yuanwang-7 are currently steaming towards undisclosed locations.


Attacking North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Sites Might be only Choice Left for Trump

"The president has asked them (Trump's advisers) to be prepared to give us a full range of options to remove that threat," he noted.

Tough guys

Bin Laden’s Body Pulverized by Over 100 Rounds Fired by SEAL Team Six Operators

O'Neill used a Heckler & Koch HK416 assault rifle to kill bin Laden.

On patrol

Duterte Declines Invitation to Visit US Aircraft Carrier; Sends Cabinet Members Instead

"We have a strong relationship with the U.S. on account of our Mutual Defense Treaty," said Lorenzana.

Protected by SAMs

China Claims South China Sea is ‘Peaceful and Stable’

It is the first patrol of the South China Sea by a U.S. aircraft carrier since Donald Trump took office as U.S. president.

U.S. Navy Trains At Sea

China Conducts 'Counter Attack' Drills as US Aircraft Carrier Starts Routine Patrol

China carried out some "counter attack" exercises shortly after US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson began its 'routing' patrol operations in the South China Sea on Saturday.

On patrol

US Aircraft Carrier Starts South China Sea 'Routine' Patrol Amid Beijing's Warning

US aircraft carrier strike USS Carl Vinson, with a fleet of supporting warships, started patrolling in the South China Sea despite growing tension with China over the disputed waterway.

To Asia

US Navy Deploys USS Carl Vinson Strike Group to Asia; Over 100 Fighter Jets Ready for War

The USS Carl Vinson is currently the flagship of Carrier Strike Group One, (CSG-1).

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