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very large telescope

Exoplanet search

VLT in Chile to Search for Exoplanets in Alpha Centauri with Breakthrough Initiatives Assistance

There are sound reasons for focusing on Alpha Centauri.

Quadruple lasers fire

Telescope Lasers for Astronomers' Use Fired for the First Time

The battery of four 22 Watt lasers goes by the name, Four Laser Guide Star Facility.

51 Pegasi b and Jupiter

First Visible Light Seen from Alien Exoplanet

These observations also revealed new properties of this famous object, the first exoplanet ever discovered around a normal star: 51 Pegasi b.


Inexplicable Alignment of Black Holes Reveal Big Hole in the Big Bang

The probability these alignments are simply the result of chance is less than 1%.

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